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Problem with External Drives RAID array

Last response: in Storage
October 4, 2008 7:21:16 PM

Hi all,

I'm having big problems trying to get 2 External Drives configured as RAID0 via PCIe eSATA card:


- 2 x 1TB Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Drives
- SIIG eSATA II PCIe Pro RAID card (provides 2 eSATA ports)

Drives are connected to PCIe card using eSATA cables - Seagate and PC-doctor utilities show both drives 100% operational.

I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 (installed on separate Raptor drive)

All latest and compatible Silicon Image (3132) drivers/bios are installed.


During boot up I can set up the drives as RAID0 in RAID BIOS. It boots up fine into Vista.

The SATARAID5 utility (runs from Vista) shows the RAID0 array is set up correctly.

I go into Vista Disk Management and it starts out good:
- I can see the drive (it is identified as Disk2 in my system and shows the expected size).
- I can initialize the drive fine.
- I can create a volume fine.

However, when I try to format it, I get a Disk Management error stating "Format did not complete successfully" and Disk2 disappears from view.

At that point the SATARAID5 utility shows that the RAID0 array has failed (one of the channels is shown as an orphan). When I set the RAID0 array back up and go back into Disk Management, the same happens all over again. Rebooting gets the same results.

By the way, if I have the drives just set up as "pass through" (i.e. non-RAID, just separate independant drives via eSATA) they work and format fine?!

I've been messing around for over a week trying to get this thing set up. Something tells me there must be a simple setting I'm missing, but can't figure out what?

Help would be gladly appreciated...

October 8, 2008 4:46:10 PM

Have you tested each drive individually to see if one is perhaps bad with too many bad sectors or the such? If a RAID fails it can only be a few things, either the FW, the RAID card, the Drives, or how the cables connecting it.
November 4, 2008 7:45:12 AM


Did you find an answer to your problems. I am trying now to make a striped volume work on a Dell laptop + Vista Business 64 +2 x Seagate 1 TerraByte external hard drives + eSATA II Express Card RAID (3132). I installed the last version of driver for the express card and I installed Vista Business as I found out that RAID options do not work on portable computers except with Vista Business or Enterprise. But it still doesn't work. It has the same behaviour as you described when configuring the striped volume by SataRAID5 utility. It does work when configuring the striped volume from Disk Management but the performances are very low.
Please let me now if you got to a solution.