Little help please (P5N32 SLI Premium)

Hi everyone, I could do with some help with my new P5N32.
Here is the problem:

Once I power it on, it stays on for a few seconds and then it cuts power and goes back off... the length of time it stays on varies from just an instant to a few seconds, but nothing shows on the monitor...

I tried changing/replacing the memory sticks
I tried each PCI-EX slot for the graphics card
I tried changing HD
I tried clearing the CMOS
I tried running minimum setup
I tried assembling the lot on a wooden support to avoid weird wiring issues
I WOULD try to flash the bios, but since it won't stay on....
I also read somewhere (not here) about this guy fixing it by taking the chip off the MOBO and running a magnet on it, but I'm kinda skeptical about that without more feedback...

I'm trying to get hold of a different graphics card and CPU to see if the problem lies there, but since it might take some time to get hold of, and I'm honestly out of ideas, I decided to post since the community knows much more than me alone :D
Any input welcome
Thanks guys

MOBO: Asus P5N32 SLI Premium rev. 1.02G
CPU: Intel Pentium D 930 3.0 GHz, 800MHz FSB
RAM: 2x 1024 Corsair DDR2 xms2 5400C4 also 2x 512 Corsair DDR2 xms2 5400C4 (both sets are 4-4-4-12 2clock)
HD: 320Gb sata 7200rpm Western Digital also 120Gb sata 7200rpm Western Digital
Graphics: Nvidia geforce 7600 gt 256MB
PSU: 3XS Systems 550V
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  1. Same thing happened to me & it was the start of the end . will not post at all but all fans & power light comes on but no beep from board at all.
    Had you just reflashed the Bios or it just happened one day when you turned it on?
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