8800gts 320mb for $150?

So I can buy an eVGA 8800gts 320mb video card for $150 from a friend, is this a good deal? Any thoughts?

It is used, about half a year, but works perfect.
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  1. depends on what you got. anything less than a last generations high-end than yes it would be a really good deal. but seeing your specs it will be highly bottlenecked.
  2. You were looking at the specs of my laptop, this card would be for a new gaming machine I plan to build.

    It would be based on a E2160, Gigabyte DS3L, 2Gb ram, XP Pro, and this 8800gts 320mb
  3. Not bad. About as fast as the $180 Radeon 3850. I'd consider it.
  4. I think it would be worth it considering they still sell for 250+.
  5. I think it's a real steal. Dual-slot cooling, very quiet, good overclocker...
  6. great deal, no q's.
  7. great for 150
  8. good deal.
  9. Sounds like a bargain. Just remember not to expect much from medium/high res dx10 performance. That seems to need more memory. Apart from that it will race through any game in dx9 except crysis of course. In general former high performance cards bought second hand for beans is a good way to go. Ive got 2 graphics cards from ebay that way.
  10. Fantastic deal since you'll be using XP.

    I love mine; I won't upgrade for a few gens (or until games stop working).
  11. Buy it.
  12. Hey teh_boxzor, he didn't ask if it was going to bottleneck his system, he asked if was a good deal.
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