Need a video card compatible with ASRock 775Dual-VSTA motherboard

I bought this motherboard ( last year so that I could keep most of my current hardware, but upgrade my old CPU. Now, I'm sort of at the same stage again (ie, not able to spend too much, but would like to upgrade my video card).

I'm currently using an older ATI 9600xt (PowerColor) video card. After doing a little reading, I'm thinking something along the lines of an ATI HD 2600xt would be a suitable upgrade. The problem comes with what I'm able to use in my particular motherboard. The PCI-E slot on this board isn't an x16, and there's a limited number of cards listed as compatible on the manufacturer's website ( The only ATI HD 2600xt card listed, is the Gigabyte GV-RX26T256HP-B, which I can't seem to find. It's listed on Gigabyte's website (, but not with any online stores that I can find (based in the US, anyway).

I suppose I could go with an AGP version, but it's not something I could continue using once I do get a new motherboard (which I'm not keen on doing right now due to my older DDR1 RAM). Most of the AGP cards seem more expensive than their PCI-E counterparts as well.

Anyone know of an online store that carries the Gigabyte GV-RX26T256HP-B? Or some other compatible video card with similar price/performance?
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  1. If I remember the site correctly, the VGA compatibility list is a bit screwy. I think what they mean is most cards will work, but if you buy an ATI HD 2600XT, you need to buy the Gigabyte one they list.

    Make sense?

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: Yeah. I just checked the VGA compatibility list for my ASRock 939Dual-SATAII. It still lists just 5 ATI X300s, but obviously, I've been running just fine with my Geforce 8800GTS-640 (and my 7800GS before that)
  2. My 7900GTO and my 6600GT were fine, so I wouldn't be too worried about the list.
  3. I can tell you what you must not buy.

    DO NOT BUY a 3850 or 3870

    They do not work with this board for some reason. I have a 3870 and I was forced to buy a new board 2 days ago....
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