I really need help with a IE 8 toolbars add-on

Knowing it wasnt the right version I downloaded and installed "Toolbar wallpaper" for EI 5( tbwlpapr.exe ).... but i wanted to try anyways....now it installled and suprise suprise its not working properly......now i tried everything , even deleting its programs files (that i know of) and its still in the add on manager for EI8.

does anyone know how i can uninstall this thing



:??: :sweat: [:sameerr:3]
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  1. Deleting the folder from the program files does not solve the problem.

    Navigate in Start>Settings>Control Panel> Then click add or remove programs>
    Locate EI 5 , click on it and on remove button.
  2. Another way :

    Click the tools menu and choose manage add-ons . Locate and select the EI 5 , click remove.
    It should work.
  3. i already tried both methods you listed...im usually pretty good with computers(no pro but alright..lol).....like i said i tried everything...and it still wont remove.... i also very finely looked for registy keys and havent found any.......i know that removing files in program files is not the way to unistall...i thought mabye it had uninstalled and all that way still showing was leftover shortcuts and what not......BTW im not trying to uninstal IE 5 ....i have IE 8....the problem is with " Toolbar Wallpaper" for IE 5.....its a script or add on that allows you to change your toolbar barckground.....like "hotbar"....but its a microsoft thing only for IE 5........and like i said i tried it anyways knowing it wouldnt work...but thinking id be able to uninstall it easily/normaly. and now after uninstalling it from add/remove programs and disabling it in IE/tools/manage add ons its still listed in the manage add ons window and in the tools menu and even still comes up whne i click on it...........weird stuff i tell ya.....like i isaid i removed it with add/revome programs and its no longer listed there....i dont know..

    Thanx ....Lucas

    ps...sorry if i sound french..lol.....cause i am...we all have our faults...lolol
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