ASUS A8N SLI SE Compatability issues

Ok a few questions here. I am having trouble looking at the compatibility of this board online so thought i'd try here. This board has duel pci-e vga card slots, but it says it is an nforce4 nvidia board, will this run an ATI Radeon HD3870.

Also it says it has ddr400/ddr333/ddr266 ecc unbuffered ddr sdram memory slots, would this board be capable of ddr2 ram?

A final couple of questions. I am upgrading to a better video card, if the compatibility is right i will buy the HD3870, but failing that the 8800gt. Will my 3800+ duel core athlon bottleneck these cards, and will i need to upgrade from my 500w power supply to a 600 or 700w one?

Thanks for your time, and hoping these issues can be resolved - Me
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  1. Yes, the board will work with an HD3870, but NOT in crossfire.

    No, the board will NOT work with DDR2.

    There a quite a few threads on bottlenecking, and the information seems inconclusive. Some games are more dependant on the CPU, and some more so on the GPU, so your results may vary.

    More important than the wattage is the amps on the 12v rail. From what I have read, the 8800GT requires 26amps on the 12v rail, so keep that in mind and try to get your PSU specs.

    Also, if you do not already have that A8N board, I recommend looking into a newer model. The 939 is end-of-life as far as performance, and will not have much power left to give in the future.

    I speak from experience:

    ASUS A8N-E
    AMD X2 4200+ (939)
    2GB Corsair
    OCZ ModStream 520w PSU (28a on 12v)
    EVGA nVidia 7800GT

    I am purchasing a 8800GTS 512 to hold me over until I can afford a new mobo cpu and memory..and possibly a PSU. :(
  2. Yeah i'm running a duel core 3800 1gb ddr ram and upgrading to that >.< until i can afford otherwise, if not i may just do an upgrade of my mobo cpu and ram now and buy the card later... would that be a more viable option
  3. also its only running 20v on the 12a so i'll upgrade that too i suppose...
  4. at this point it sounds like it will be easier to talk about the things you will keep. Case, harddrive, and optical drive....everything else goes!!

    You will not be able to power any decent new card with 20a (if I am wrong, anyone is welcome to yell at me.)

    I guess in your case it would be a better idea to upgrade the mobo, cpu and memory first. I have seen some great combo deals on that you may find appealing.

    And its not really a bad idea to wait for a new video card. Things are changing so quickly anyway.

    My recommendation though, would be to get a new mobo that supports PCI-E 2.0. That will *help* insure future compatibilty and longevity.
  5. i guess so... its just will i notice a difference by simply upgrading my graphics and power supply to top notch. It would be

    AMD Athlon 3800+ duel core processor
    ocz stealth 600w power supply (instead of 500w)
    8800gt graphics (instead of 6600)
    1gb ddr ram

    would i notice a big increase playing games such as call of duty 4?
  6. I would say yes, it would be fairly significant.
  7. Thanks a lot looks like i'll be ordering the 8800gt and a new psu tommorow, the upgrade will have to wiat for a couple of years
  8. rallyimprezive said:

    You will not be able to power any decent new card with 20a (if I am wrong, anyone is welcome to yell at me.)

    Man, you guys are idiots. Since when 8800GT requires 26A? You don' t know what are you talking about...

    That's like TWICE enough for a 8800GT..

    The most power demanding VGA HD2900XT draws 220W, therefore, 220/12 = 18,3 A.

    So for a HD2900XT a PSU pver 20 A will be totally enough.
    For a 8800GT a PSU over 18 A will be totally enough.
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