8800GTS 512MB G92 3DMark06 score

My score it is: overall 11.515
SM2.0 5480
SM3.0 5565
CPU 2374
MB Asus Commando
CPU E6750
GPU 8800GTS 512MB G92 Gainward
2X1GB Corsair CL4
PSU Thermaltake 500W

The overall score seem to be a little lower in comparation with other site's(benchmark test) wich are not lower than 13.000 in default test 1280x1024 no AA no AF.

Please post other score with the same card.
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  1. you'll probaly find alot of the benchies on other sites are running quad core cpus... which would make a difference
  2. Have you done any gaming with the card? If the card plays games at your desired quality settings at smooth framerates, what difference does it make that the benchmark numbers are a little less than hardware sites report. I get sick of people that buy cards and high-end systems just to benchmark (although I'm not saying that you are one of those people).
  3. No i'm not buying card for 3Dmark but it is a utility tu measure the performance of the GPU. In the game it is super fast and no quality issue or high temp. But i was wondering if anyone how own the same card has the same score...Quad Core mabe make the difference...and if it is, i will not buy a quad core just for the 13K..is working fine with 11.5K
  4. Your cpu score is in line with a stock 6750 as is your SM 2.0 but your 3.0 score is lower than an 8800 GT OC 512 running at 660/950(1900)which is 6000+. Gainward is at 650/950 so there shouldn't be that much difference ...you may have driver issues.
  5. My overall is 11280 with the same card at 1680x1050

    CPU: E6850
    RAM: 2MB Crucial 1066

    Nvidia drivers: 169.21 beta

    So I guess it's somewhat normal. Crysis is playable at max details.
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