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help with new computer please

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December 16, 2007 12:03:14 AM

i wanna get the most out of my computer and make sure it lasts a long time and is very efficient. I have a new vostro 400 core 2 duo cpu, 2gig memory, E6550@2.33 ghz, windows XP. The computer has no extra's and things like power supply or core temp's or any other things i should be concerened about are now of concern to me. Is there any way i can check the temps inside the case or do i have to buy something for this. Im running a beta application that seems to drastically slow down my computer and at this speed and power im concerened something isn't right. I also have a nvidia 8600 gt vid card. Im not gaming on this at the moment. What extra's should i consider to get max performance out of this machine..thanks

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December 16, 2007 9:52:09 PM

how do i find out the power supply of my ststem?? should i upgrade the power supply or cooling of this system
December 16, 2007 10:19:32 PM

Sorry a little confused. Did you just get a new Dell? If so, what are all the specs, e.g., PSU, hdd, etc
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December 16, 2007 11:43:38 PM

brand new dell ive had for 2 weeks. vostro 400, pentium core 2 duo e6550 with 2 gigs ddr2 memory, 256 mb nvidia g force 8600gt vid card, windows xp. what power supply is recommended for a system like this and would one recommend extra cooling. when i ran speed fan utility the flame icon next to vid card temp is lit and it says 57c
December 17, 2007 1:02:10 AM

usually prebuilt systems, especially from dell use power supplies that will last for a long time. They usually don't give you more than you need, so when if you ever want to upgrade to a more power hungry video card -- you may want to double check.

if you open the case and look at the power supply, it will have a sticker with all the power supply spec's. go ahead and post them (everything on the sticker)

Most likely, it is the beta program slowing down your system. you could state what program it is and see if anyone here has had the same slowdowns
December 17, 2007 10:40:00 AM

bc is correct, the machine should have an adequate PSU as well as cooling for the current configuration. Dell or any other mfg doesn't want to send out machines that aren't going to work or overheat and burn up. In addition to the beta program that could be causing problems, Dell along with other mfg include a lot of garbage software including trial programs, ad stuff, etc you don't need. If you got a Windows CD with the machine, you can format and reinstall Windows to get rid of it. If you just got a recovery disk, reinstalling won't help. You should be able to add another fan although that's looks like a mini tower so you'll be limited by space. It also won't have the air flow of a mid tower. Putting in a new HSF could void the warranty and if it's a mini tower, you'll have limited choices.