Overclocking Asus Rampage Formula+E8500

Hi all
My gaming rig
Lian Li PC-A70 case (6X120MM) Cooling Fans
Enermax Galaxy 1000W PSU
Asus Rampage Formula
E8500 Wolfdale(Birthday Gift)
Ultra 120 Extreme HS lapped + Scythe S-Flex SFF21F+Arctic Silver 5
Crucial Ballistic Red Line DDR2 800(2X2GB) 4-4-4-12@2.2V
2X150 WD Raptor HDD
Win XP Pro 32bit
Ready for Dual boot with Vista Ultimate 64bit

Booting with all at default
CPU Temp 40 C
North bridge: More than 40C
South bridge: More than 40C
At full load (Prime95) temps 50C

Overclocked to 3.8 GHz (multiplier 9.5)
FSB Strap 400
FSB Frequency 400
Dram:FSB 1:1
Setting all voltage to Auto
I found the following voltages in bios (With no load)
I'll put between brackets the voltages before overclocking
CPU: 1.232(1.184)
CPU PLL:1.6(1.584)
FSB Termination: 1.344(1.2)
DRAM: 2.048(1.952)
S.Bridge:1.072(1.072) Yes no change!!
N.Bridge: 1.648(1.360)

I lowered N.B voltage only to 1.45V
and kept all other to auto

At full load (prime 95) stable all night but heat !!
Vcore measuring Max. Temp of the cores 62 C (No more)

Did not try 4GHz of course

Loosed Ram timing to 5-5-5-15 but no change
Applied AS5 twice and reseated HS and no change

Do you think it is safe to run at these setting ??
Also amazing not only proc is hot but also N.B and S.B

What do you think of SpeedFan ?? Is it reliable ??
When Vcore is showing 50 C Speedfan is showing 112!!!

Any good Ideas ??
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  1. You need to calibrate Speedfan I think.
    Try CoreTemp : http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
    And HWMonitor : http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php

    When overclocking you should never have voltage control on AUTO.
    The AI features overvolt heavily. Start at Vcore == VID and test until it's stable (1 notch at a time).
  2. Sorry When I said Vcore I meant CoreTemp 0.98.1
  3. Andrius: If you notice no big difference in voltages
    CPU from 1.184 to 1.232
    SB: The same
    N.B I lowered already

    I opened Both sides of the case and noticed Cores Temps will go down to 57-58 C ( Not too much)
  4. My Asus P5E x38 only needs 1.39 NB voltage for up to 485 stable FSB. 4ghz is easy to achieve CPU only needs about 1.36volts for it to be stable :).

    I'm sure your RAM would handle a small 20Mhz increase with timings at about the same C4 rating. At 400mhz you should leave it at C4 not C5.
  5. closed_deal:

    True, my RAM can work perfectly @ 4-4-4-12
    I just loosened timing to decrease the stress in an attempt to reduce temps

    Need some advice gents

    Forgot to say In bios always temps of NB and SB are always 7 degrees more than CPU temp
  6. My intentions when I picked up a Rampage Formula were to use Crucial Ballistic 1066 memory.
    However, after much research I discovered that the Crucial sticks don't work properly
    with this board. Quite a few had good results with either Geil, or GSkill on this board.
    I'm currently having excellent results with OCZ Reaper 1066 on this board - can
    overclock the memory to 1133 stable @ 3.8GHz. on an X3350.

    For proper temp measurements with 45nm processors, look into a program called "Real Temp".
    You can find it over at the XStreme forums.
  7. Just a thought coz i've made this mistake on an old DFI mobo. When manhandling the mobo into the case etc... did you by any chance use the NB heatsink has a hand hold?

    Also you should've had a little fan thinger to fit on the silver part of your NB combo Heatsink. Have you fitted it?

    It's the item on the top right of te picture.

  8. chicagosof tplan:

    I have no problem with RAM
    My DDR2 800 is working fine
    The only problem I have is temps of processor, NB, and SB
  9. My friend's Rampage and Q9300 (7.5x466MHz under an unlapped TRUE and Scythe SFF21F) idle with everything below 40°C load temps under Prime95 (1hour) reach 65°C for the CPU. The other temperatures HWMonitor reports are close to but under 40°C. Everything is at stock voltage except Vcore (2 or 3 notches below VID) and RAM (Dominator 1066 in 1:1 CL4 at 2.05V). It's inside a RC-690 with just the stock fans.

    Either the side mounted 120mm makes all the difference (that I doubt) or your board is overheating due to being overvolted. I don't own a RAMPAGE myself but if you check the manual for ExtremeTweaker I'm sure you can figure out which voltage is too high. I'm sure the voltages don't change much but 0.1V makes all the differcence.

    My Q6600 has a VID of 1.3V and at stock it runs stable at 1.075V (and 20°C cooler under Prime load). At 3.300GHz (9x367MHz it needs VID) and still runs below 60°C (under an unlapped TRUE with SFF21F).

    You're either being overvolted or your board has a buggy temperature readout.

    The HSF on a RAMPAGE sits quite snuggly. It's almost impossible to move it. There's at least 10 pins holding it down. I was trying to route an audio cable by sliding it below the main HSF block and it didn't even budge.
  10. closed_deal... that fan is for use with water, or passive cooling only.
    Using it on a normal aircooled system will interfere with cooling of the CPU.
    I have seen some use a small fan attatched directly to the stock Rampage Formula NB heatsink with good results. However, I agree that too high voltages are mostly the cause for hot NB and SB.
  11. With some cases that fan interfears with the rear exhaust fan (either blocking them or making them loud).
  12. I 'would' have said too higher voltage however the Op has already posted the NB voltages:

    'CPU: 1.232(1.184)
    CPU PLL:1.6(1.584)
    FSB Termination: 1.344(1.2)
    DRAM: 2.048(1.952)
    S.Bridge:1.072(1.072) Yes no change!!
    N.Bridge: 1.648(1.360) '

    I just thought if it's 'still' overheating on the stock Voltages it must be heatsink coming slightly loose or bad airflow, also I know the board can do up to 485 FSB on only 1.39v NB, as i have the basic X38 verison so surely the X48 would be better or at least the same? His RAM is also running at 1:1 not 5:6 where the latter would have more of a demand on the NB.

    Another thing is, that fan doesn't interfere with my 120 TRUE. Even at 1.6V to get over 500 FSB stable on the NB it never gets over 35C Load.

    *Edit* The BIOS it's self says the it can handle up to 1.65v on the NB, but anything after 1.7v NB requires 'better cooling'.
  13. kad said:

    CPU: 1.232(1.184)
    CPU PLL:1.6(1.584)
    FSB Termination: 1.344(1.2)
    DRAM: 2.048(1.952)
    S.Bridge:1.072(1.072) Yes no change!!
    N.Bridge: 1.648(1.360)

    What is the VID for your E8500 ? 1.15V - 1.2V ?
    FSB Termination seems high.
    The NB (northbridge) seems high even at 1.45V
    The SB (south bridge) handles CrossFire and SATA/USB ... It's probably as cool as it gets.

    The fan doesn't interfere with the TRUE when mounted FRONT to BACK.
    Turn it by 90 degrees and it might interfere (I never tried that).
    The VREG fan was too close to the rear exhaust fan of the RC-690.
    It mounted but it made a high pitched noise when running so it had to go.
  14. I've always thought FSB termination and CPU PLL voltages were to be left well alone. I read this extract when first starting on intel boards not seen it yet on AM2?:

    'FSB Termination voltage, which is the termination voltage of the host bus but, more importantly, also the bus supply voltage. Intel’s specifications allow voltage levels between 0.83 and 1.65 on the termination buffers, however, keep in mind that the voltage is the same as the bus supply voltage, which is limited to a maximum of 1.29 according to Intel’s specifications. We did find that increasing the FSB termination voltage caused the CPU temperature to increase, at least compared to the “Auto” setting. Consequently, also the CPU throttling kicked in earlier and, particularly in graphics applications, the system had a tendency to freeze, followed by ATI’s VPU recovery message blaming ATI’s drivers.

    Keep in mind here that the only thing changed was the manual setting of the FSB termination voltage, while all other system parameters remained identical. On the other hand, the strange behavior of misreporting benchmark results could be completely eliminated, with the caveat that higher bus frequencies required higher termination … er, bus supply voltages. In so far, all of this makes sense now. The Prescott with its much better utilization of the bus puts more strain on the bus itself including the clock domains – which, therefore heat up faster and consequently, need more voltage. On the other hand, a higher bus supply voltage also causes the bus to run hotter and, in addition, may cause more passive power drain from the CPU- which consequently will run hotter and throttle earlier.'

    Could be another cause, however he's still running at default 1.2v and 1.584. The second is slightly higher than normal 1.55v.
  15. ^Great find. I'll have to read more about FSB Termination to really get it.
    IIRC there was a blog post somewhere about high FSBTermination Voltage being the reason a great overclocker QX9650 died ( http://www.anandtech.com/weblog/showpost.aspx?i=428 ).
  16. Ah yes, read that over the weekend. Concerned on giving my chip too much voltage now till case arrives :). Damned UK being slow releasing Antec 1200 arggh. Well nuff reading for me today, i'm off to work.

    P.S if you come across some more detailed info on it, i'd appreciate a link :D. Thankyou.
  17. Thanks for the comments

    Inoticed few strange things
    If I set CPU Voltage in Extreme tweaker (Bios)to 1.25V Harware monitor will report 1.20V only
    And it is always less 0.05V
    I set FSB Termination Voltage to 1.28V and again Hardware Monitor(Bios) is reporting 1.21V
    Set NB Voltage to 1.39V and Hardware Monitor is reporting 1.42V
    BY the way Real Temp 2.5 always reporting temps 10 degrees less than CoreTemp 0.98.1
    CoreTemp 0.98.1 considers Tjmax 105 but Real Temp 2.5 consider it 95
    Which one is correct ???
  18. By the way both Real Temp 2.5 and CoreTemp 0.98.1 are reporting the same Distance to TJ Max (41 Degrees)
    Today my Core Temps under Prime95 are 55in (RealTemp 2.5) and 65 in (CoreTemp 0.98.1)
    Also CoreTemp 0.98.1 is reporting VID 1.1125V
    I have to say Ambient temp is 25 degrees Cel.
  19. closed_deal said:
    Just a thought coz i've made this mistake on an old DFI mobo. When manhandling the mobo into the case etc... did you by any chance use the NB heatsink has a hand hold?

    Also you should've had a little fan thinger to fit on the silver part of your NB combo Heatsink. Have you fitted it?

    It's the item on the top right of te picture.


    I can assure you that I touched NB heatsink but I'm fully aware of static charge danger and I'm used to touch the case before touching any electronic part: mobo, ram, graphic card,...........etc

    NB heatsink fan can not be installed with Ultra 120 Extreme
  20. The static discharge wasn't an issue. If you had one the board would likely not even power up.
    Check if the motherboard cooler is mounted firmly over the northbridge.
    If it moves around freely by about 3mm or more that could be the issue but your CPU is still quite hot. Have you tried the stock thermalright thermal paste? It could be the AS paste is bad(from a bad batch).

    I think CoreTemp is safer as it reports higher values(always good to be on the safe side unless you can afford to buy a new chip).
    Have you checked HWMonitor from CPUID?
    It also monitors the cputin and systin values from the boards. If your disks are above 35 it could indicate bad airflow and so on.
  21. Thanks Andrius

    Im sure that NB cooler is not even 0.3MM far from chip
    I did not try thermalright thermal paste cause I've been told it hardens more than AS5 and wil be hard to remove to clean and re-apply after 6-12month
    I thought also about air flow so I opened both sides of the case and noticed temp drop of 5 degrees
    HWMonitor from CPUID is giving the same high temps of CoreTemp
    HDD temps never go more than 35
    my last shot will be trying to play with Load Line Calibration in bios which only can compensate Vdroop

    Ihave another issue
    I installed first 1 HDD WD Raptor 150 GB and installed Win XP
    Then added another same HDD
    In bios and device manager I can see both
    Only in my computor I can see one only "C"with OS on
    Do not have raid setup
    How can I get the other one ??
    Under Disk Manafement it is listed as Basic and Unallocated
    Right click on the word Basic giving me the option to cange to dynamic
    Right click on the word Unallocated giving me the option to make new partition
    The C drive is listed as Basic disk why this one wants to be dynamic ??
    And second I do not want the Hdd to be as partition, I want it to act as the slave HDD in EIDE Hard Disks setup
    Is Raid the only way to go ??
    I do not want to mirror disk C or back it up
  22. You have to create a "logic disk" first(I think windows offers a wizard for that, if not right click on the unallocated space bar in Disk Management). Then you create a partition and then you format the drive. Each drive needs a partition so it can be accessed under a filesystem.
    You can leave it at basic but you must create a partition (just choose maximum available size if you only want one partition IE only drive D).
    I think Dynamic Disk has something to do with being removable (SATA option).
    Just as a sidenote raid has nothing to do with this and you don't have to worry about it unless you want raid (but you need 2 similar if not the same disks or you are wasting space).
  23. Thanks again Andrius
    Ihave two identical HDD
    WD Raptor 150GB
    Cause I'm planning to install Vista Ultimate on the second one(Dual Boot System)
    I'm fedup with OC
    OC'ed only to 3.6 GHz (9X400)
    Proc temp 62 under Prime 95 after 1 hour and case opened (Idle 51)
    CPU Voltage 1.19
    North bridge Voltage 1.45(No matter what I set in AI, Hardware Monitor will report 1.44-1.46)
    I'm totally convinced that either Rampage Formula is a piece of s***t or mine is
    I read some reviews in other sites about the heat of NB and SB and the recommendation of removing both and applying AS5 will bring temps down 10 degrees
    Unfortunately I do not have a factory to strip a 300$ mobo and rebuild it
    I have a furnace
    I can not keep my finger on RAM,NB heatsink, SB, heat sink more 5-6 seconds with case opened and ambient temp 25
    Even GPU temp 58
    The only reasonable explanation is this mobo has a diesel engine
    MY last shot to run it at default and see temps
    I'm quite sure they'll hit 60 under Prime 95 after 1 hour
  24. Two Raptors. Make sure you have the swap/pagefile for each system on the drive that does not have the OS installed.
    SATA1 = WinXP Install : Vista swap/pagefile
    SATA2 = Vista Install : WinXP swap/pagefile

    Do you have the latest BIOS for the RAMPAGE? If you have UPS try flashing it again (maybe it's a bad flash).

    My Q6600 (VID=1.30000V) : (frequency and Vcore)
    All temperatures are CPUID/CoreTemp.
    (it's not stable at this voltage but it's as far as I was willing to go)
    3.6GHz (9x400MHz) and 1.4250V it idles below 40°C.
    Prime95 load temps I can't really say as 1 core failed after about a minute(completion of first tests) but all cores were still below 50°C.

    3.3GHz (9x367MHz) and 1.28750V it idles at around 35°C. Prime95 24h run leaves a maximum of 54/55/50/48°C.

    3.0GHz (9x333MHz) and 1.22500V it idles at around 33°C. A Prime95 24h run leaves a maximum load of 54/54/49/47°C.

    What I'm trying to say is. Your idle temperatures are way to high for a dual core. And Rampage cooling should be quite good so there's something wrong with your board ...
  25. Guess what!!!
    I enabled C1E or CE1 (can not remember) and Speed CPU so at idle multiplier will go down to 6 to save power and reduce heat and now it idles at 2.4 GHz (6X400) and no load
    Core Temps 50 degrees !!!!!!!!!!
    The moment Prime starts Temps will jump to 58 !!!!!
    Do you think spraying the mobo wih a glass of water will help ??
    Never mind
    Bios : I have the latest 219
    No UPS
    VID: 1.1125 V
    As for HDD
    Did not install Vista yet
    I want first to get it stable on XP
    What is your ambient Temp, HS and fan ??

    Thanks again
  26. Ambient outside the case is between 22°C and 24°C.
    I have a temperature probe at the top of the case(warmest spot)27°C.

    I use a TRUE+SFF21F combo, unlapped. I use the stock thermalright paste.
    Is that the one that so hard to remove (don't know)?
    The case is a Stacker STC-T01 (2004 model) and I have replaced all incase fans except the top 80mm with SFF21Fs (4 total with CPU fan). They all run at 1200rpm (very very quiet IMO).

    I also have 2x 150GB Raptors (30-33°C, not in RAID).
    Currently I have 8 days of system uptime (195 hours).
    No core has reached 50°C in that time (3.0GHz work config).
    The highest temp is my passive cooled 9600GT at 67°C during a game of SupCom last Sunday and right now its 43-44°C.

    I seriously think your motherboard has some issues. Water might not be a good idea. I'd unmount from the case it and check the temps on the desk (with standoffs). If it's the lack of airflow inside your case that would explain the crazy chipset temps. The high CPU temperatures are a mistery to me. Could you have made it worse with the lapping? Did you do the "razor"/"x marks the spot"/"back light comming through" check?

    I've always been an ASUS fanboi since the K7 AMD days. And I've just thrown my eye on the RAMPAGE again (230 EUR is quite a lovely price for it here).

    Maybe I should skip it and get the P5E64 WS Evolution instead (if only looks where everything that matters in a motherboard...). :D
  27. I did not lap CPU only HS
    CPU is little bit convex
    Ultra 120 was extremely convex
    I put it on a table and started dancing
    With a little push it can spin like a gyroscope
    It was calling for lapping
    I suspected the case stock fans so Itried with case opened
    and got temps 5 degrees less
    Iam also Asus fanboy but I think not anymore
    I hope the high temp was only CPU
    But NB & SB
    And I can swear RAM temps are not less than 65 (Under Prime 95)
    I think after they started manufacturing in China we can say loudly good by to Asus
  28. You could have just gotten a faulty board.

    I still recommend running it at least once outside the case. All those fans could be screwing up the airflow inside the case. I know my 9600GT and nortbridge were cooler in my smaller more portable Centurion 5 case.
    Stacker has way more airflow so it's kind of strange to see higher temps.
    From what I see your case has a removable motherboard tray.
    Testing it should be easy.

    Aside from that I've had great experience with Asus boards until now.
    I bought a Gigabyte P35 board because I needed a LPT port for work.
    The onboard sound is horrible compared to the 3.5year old ASUS.
    I was going to get a Rampage for the geek build.

    I've had my ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe for 3 years and 4 months. It's as stable as a rock. All I had to do was replace the northbridge cooler twice.
    1x stock ASUS HS with 30mm fan
    1x Cooler Master Blue Ice HeatPipe Cooler with a 40mm fan
    The fan is dying runs at 600rpm (was around 5000rpm when new) since last week.
    Now I run it with a Zalman NB37J passive heatsink. It works for now and no temperatures are higher than they were before.
  29. Will try outside case
    Nothing to loose more than I lost
    Still have my Asus P4G8X Deluxe running fine with P4 proc (3.16GHz not oc'd)+ intel stock cooler +2Gig Ram+AGP8 graphic card Radeon X850XT Platinum
    It was able even to run Crysis at Med settings

    Wish you a lucky Rampage mobo
    Will be waiting your news
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