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alright, im planning on upgrading to a core 2 duo e6550 (2.33ghz) from my trusty athlon 64 3700+ (@ 2.8). im definitely planning to overclock it, but i have a question about memory. the motherboard I picked out says the ddr2 standard is ddr2 1066. if I buy ddr2 800, will the cpu still run at the correct speed, and will I be able to overclock well? or will I have to buy ddr2 1066. another question, if either will work, is it worth it to blow the extra cash for ddr2 1066?

side topic: how far can i expect to overclock with the e6550? im hoping 3ghz+, or should I throw in $20 more for the e6750. would the e6750 have much more overclocking potential than the e6550?
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  1. ddr800 works great
    get 4-4-3-10 or 4-4-3-8
    muskin rill run to ddr900

    your can run your system from fsb 350-450 with out any issues

    super talent ddr800 will not run as hight

    normally with the 5-5-5-15 ddr 1066 you get lower latencys

    if you get the better 1066 the price is triple - so get the ddr800 you save a ton and get the samer performance in most cases

    set it to 2.05-2.1v
  2. anyone else going to reply?
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