Help building (upgrade) gaming computer

I need help deciding what parts to upgrade my current computer around. I recently bought a new Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor and that will be my backbone.

I currently have:

ASUS P5ND2-SLI motherboard
XFX 7900GT 256MB video card
2GB RAM (unfortunately cannot remember the speeds, not at the computer for another few days (its at my school ), I want to guess DDR2 667MHz)
Antec 500W PSu
I also run 2 monitors, one being an HDTV and one being a regular LCD monior.

I am considering getting a Nvidia 680i mobo and 1 (possibly 2) evga 8800GT 512MB video cards.

Along those lines, what would people suggest I change/look at/buy/ get?

Thanks for the discussion.
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  1. anyone?
  2. Is there any need for anything else lol? i mean that gfx card would probs last you another year or so everything else is fine by all means if you have the money :P
  3. Which gfx card?
    I dont feel my rig is doing what I want with my games so I am looking to upgrade.

    So I bought a new processor which I don't believe works on my motherboard so I need to research a new one, that is at the least. I also am looking into a new video card because the 8800gt is far superior to mine for a good price.

    So can anyone give me any advice one what to look at for mobos/video cards/RAM
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