OverClocking Intel E6420 CPU


I want to overclock my intel e6420 cpu without getting extra fans or any other things.
But i'm very scared to burn down RAM's or somthing like that.
My pc specs:

motherboard: Asus P5B
cpu: Intel E6420
ram's: 2x 1gb patriot ddr2 800mhz ( no extra cooling )
graphic: asus 8800GT
powersupply: 500w
case: Super Power E-6099 with 4 fans.

Right now i'm running cpu at 2.36 ghz and rams at 895mhz
But i'm rly scared to go forward. But i want to, I'm fan of assassin's creed and i think my pc specs are enough to handle assassin's creed at atleast 25 fps avarge.

I'm realy sory, my english SU***.
Thanks in advance
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  1. ah and by the way, what the hell is AUX temperature ? I got that one over 120 °C :O ?

    Using speed fan.
  2. Ehm, people here doesnt usualy answer to topic's ? :(
  3. ::chuckles.:: Well, maybe!

    I take it you havent OC'd before?

    here is the Line Up! Google search and find CPUz, HWMonitor, Core Temp, ATI Tools and Riva Tuner.

    Thats a start. Its CPUz for real time VCore with 3 decimals as well as monitor a bunch of other stuff to do with your hardware!.

    HWMonitor tracks the highs and lows, as well as the current value for alot of stuff! Core temps, voltages, etc.

    Core temp is another handy tool for noting the CPU and core temps! As well as other things! Run this program and list the VID of your chip here when next you get the chance.

    Then you have Riva Tuner to modify and monitor your Video card settings, and ATI Tools to test your video card over clock!

    Wha'?? You are running your chip at 2.36 with the ram at 895? ::Looks thoughtful.:: Umm...

    Can you list what you have already done to it? Whats the CPU multiplier at? Whats the FSB at?

    Here, try turning off all the spread spectrum stuff you can find, then turn off the CPU extra functions like c1e, vanderpool, etc. (not processor cache.)

    Set the multiplier to x 8, The FSB to 400, Ram to Sync mode. (1:1 ratio.) And once you tell me the VID of your chip, I can estimate a loaded voltage for the 3.2 Ghz. With the ram in sync and the FSB at 400, its running just what your ram is rated for! (FSB x Double data rate = 800 Mhz.)

    Processor speed = Multiplier x FSB.

    Good luck!

  4. Use hardware monitors like Lupiron suggested. Have you checked out the guides in this section?


    Don't worry about the RAM, running 1:1 you won't need to get much above the rated speeds and voltages.

    So are you using the stock Intel heatsink? I never used mine but should be able to get at least 333-350 FSB w/ out any other bios changes. Just make sure your thermals are good and you are stable when the cores are stressed. I like to use the Orthos Blend stress test to test my overclocks.

    I used to run 400 FSB at stock voltage on my 6420 w/ a Thermalright 120 Ultra, temps were ~30 idle and 48 load. I was able to get more out of the chip, but stuck with 400 FSB for 24/7 operation.
  5. coool, but about rams,
    I didnt understand a part running 1:1. if i overclock my cpu rams goes up as well and i'm worry to burn them down :p I'll read a bit and thx so far.
  6. Jacky444 said:
    You will need memory that's designed to handle increased FSB values

    thats what i'm afraid off.
  7. Lupiron, thx for offered help =).

    ok i'm not rly professional in overclocking, but i done lots of this stuff before, just with software, big diffrence =).

    ok here are all infos i can read from CPUz & BIOS & CoreTemp:

    CPU freq setting: 308 ( at the moment, normaly 266 default as u know )
    DRAM Freq : DDR2 - 924mhz
    Multipler: 8
    CPU Freq : 2.47 ghz
    FSB Freq: 1232mhz

    CPU-z :
    Bus Speed: 307.8mhz
    Rated fsb: 1231.3mhz
    Core Voltage: 1.384v
    Multipler: x 8 (some times changes to x 6.0 no ideas why)

    Freq: 2.47ghz ( 307.81 x 8.0)

    Number of cores 2

    Right now my pc is stable 100% but i need more speed :P

    anyway CPU goes up to 60°C (using core temp temperatures fall less then 40, hows that possible :O ?)
    Hopefully that isnt too much.

    As software, I use:

    But unlucky i cant overclock my graphic card.
    The cooler it has, makes temperature low, but drivers doesnt want to show i got EN8800GT.
    I dont know why not, so i cant change gpu with rivatunner =(.

    Instead of Fanspeed i use SensorsView pro. is that fine ?

    Thanks !
  8. Disable speed step! Thats what makes your multiplier change!

    Change the Memory divider to Sync mode or 1:1 ratio! That way you have RAM over clock headroom!

    I need to run! Will help more soon! Sorry! No time to type!

  9. hehe there is no problem, i'm happy for all ur help so far.
    Anyway, WHERE THE HELL do I setup these settings ?

    SpeedStep ? Never seen any thing like it in bios
    Memory Divider synic mode ? WTF ? never seen eather.

    as I wrote down, i use p5b totaly update bios. Do i need any other updates to do that or somthing ?

    Thanks in advance
  10. Update: I have set Memory Freq to: auto
    Now CPU-z reads : DRAM FREQ: 307.8
    FSB:DRAM: 1:1

    is that good ? or I still might burn down ram's ? I rly dont want to take any chanses. I aint rich :P
  11. ah, i had disabled SpeedStep, but still didnt find that memory divider.
  12. Thats fine! That was the Mem devider.
    If its at 1:! its running in sync with the FSB. Perfect. Now that determines your speeds as usual. FSB

    CPU frequency is FSB x CPU Multiplier!

    memory speed in sync is FSB x 2. (double data rate, duh!)

    So when it lists a single value, its doubled, as with CPUz. Thats perfect.
    Your memory is now at 616 Mhz. So what you wanna do is use the Multiplier and FSB to get the CPU speed you want, as well as get your ram to 800 Mhz, or a bit higher.

  13. oh, cool !
    any ideas about temperatures ? I mean, if i overclock to 2.8ghz i'll have atleast 65+ °C at full use. isnt that bad ?

    I have tested my Graphic card now

    Both tests made at: High @ No aa (1680x1050)

    En8800GT normal mode
    avarge fps: 15.43
    max fps: 32.21
    minimum fps: 7.22

    EN8800GT TOP mode (overclocked to top specs)
    avarge fps: 31.12
    Max fps: 42.32
    minimum fps: 23.16

    Can you tell me HOW THE HELL Is this possible ? I think thats 2 big diffrence. Almost impossible. I cant belive my eyes. am i blind or somthing ?

    And thanks a lot for your help =)
  14. Updated:

    I have Processor running at 2.7ghz now
    but voltage went to 1.4 is that oke ?

    CPU: iddle: 34-40 loaded: 50-60 fully loaded: 65-70
    GPU (graphic) iddle: 44-50 loaded: 50-60 fully loaded: 65-70.

    Note: temperatures are in "°C".

    Is this all ok ? or its rly bad ? and i hear some sounds comming from box (weird ones) I hope that doesnt mean somthing is wrong.

    Thanks in advance
  15. LOL, I hope so too!

    CPU Temps. People recommend 65 C when OCing, because that is a safe margin. You also need to test an OC by re setting HWMonitor so it records new high values, and play the meanest game you have at the best settings for an hour, then look at the CPU and GPU temps and junk. Thats a more realistic showing of how hot your cores will get in a given sitting, when not using a powerful testing tool like Prime 95.

    Nice Vid card temps! As far as they go, nothing is Bad yet! I routinely test over 75c, so sometimes you have to eat the heat and test anyways!

    hey, can you list the VID field of core temp, please? Thats an important factor. Though all the "e" series has been 1.3000 or higher. I hope its a low one!!

  16. yes of course. hmm

    VID: 1.3500v

    But witch program actualy shows real temperature ?
    Using sensorsview it says i got iddle 50°C
    using core temp i got 34°C iddle :P some is liing but witch one =) ?

    Yeh I know ! my graphic is rly nice =) Asus made very nice and good cooler on this version i got. so I can overclock it to gts edition =)
    Saved some money :P
  17. That VID was a core Temp returned Value? Do you mean 1.3250? Thats as high as a factory VID can go, hehe!

    Use core temp, unless you wanna do some calibrating! DL Hwmonitor as well. It will show you more stuff!

    *(CompuTronix, insert message here)*


  18. hmm VID is what actualy :P ?
  19. VID is your Chips specific Voltage ID. Thats what tells the BIOS to set it to 1.xxx VCore. Your initial vcore at stock/auto.

  20. ah,,, but i got 1.41 voltage is that bad ?

    Any way i got somthing else to ask.

    I'm having problems since i bought new graphic card. folowing stuff happends to me:

    If i runn compluter, i got only black screen. nothing happends ......
    then i gota power off my power supply, start pc, shut down and start then it starts working. any ideas why ?
    if i press restart, it works fine. if i shut down it and wait 10 minutes
    it doesnt show picture =(

    I got 500w powersupply as i said before. what could be wrong =(( ?
    Motherboard is new as well.
  21. hmmm, my CPU frezzes at 2.7ghz in games, might be cpu or somthing ?
  22. I tested in strees, core wasnt stable. now it is. but why i cant got over 2.6ghz ? i wana put it 3ghz =(

    every time i put more then 2.6ghz bios says overclocking error.

    any help with that ?
  23. Uhh, did you unlink the ram and set it for sync more only? If all you did is up the FSB it automatically ups the ram speed as well, and if you didn't know that, it could cause trouble.

    Higher up your ram is running at 924. Thats not good for 800 and no heat spreaders. Though some will reach a high speed. When you sync your ram, it will cause your double data rate to be double the FSB value. So if your FSB is 400, 400 x 8 = 3.2, and your ram at 800.

    Not at 924! You have your memory divider set at something odd. 3:2 or something!

    VID is in Core Temp. Thats the Only VID that matters. CPUz VID changes with core voltage! Once you FINALLY tell me that value, I can place a guess on the proper VCore voltage for a given speed.

  24. Oh, if it is core temp thats variating the VID, DL the newest one!

  25. Every thing is working fine now at 2.6ghz, i got rams already 1:1 synic mode. so its not that. somthing else is crashing. as well i got core voltage on 1.35v
  26. Waaahhhh!!! VID, waaaahhh! Not current voltage!


  27. oh :D

    ViD: 1.3500v

    it says so :\

    anyway, i'm having trubles with Graphic overclocking now. :) games are crashing. but not pc, only games. and couse i got en 8800GT i'm having problems overclocking it :s
  28. damn, if i run nvidia strees test it works fine, no problems. but crysis crashes pretty much fast.

    anyway any ideas why i cant go higher then 2.6ghz ?
    I think 500mhz overclocking is wourthless lol =)
  29. 1.3500... I need to look into that!

    Its 1.3500 alright. How odd. I guess intel took the re branding of their chips farther, hehe! I bet this series are the throw backs!

    I need to research! Supposedly people get 3.2 on it.

  30. I belive so, I'm very dissapointed on this chip to be honest =(

    2.6ghz max or bios doesnt let me to start. It might be becouse of bios ?

    anyway, take ur time. When you'll get more contact me :) or write response here, I check forum every day three times anyway =)

    If you have MSN messanger even better =) or somthing like that =)

    msn: me@thejacky.com
    mail: me@thejacky.com

    Thanks for all help so far Lupi.
  31. It may be the board. If the comp doesn't even post? That sounds alot like what happens on a 680i chipset with a quad. What's your front side bus at when it works?

    You can try moving the FSB up higher after it wont post, because FSB holes are common. If you find a area that posts, you may need to adjust voltages, but as long as you find an area that posts, yer half way there!

    Have you updated to the newest bios?

  32. ehm, My english isnt rly the best :P I understand some things like
    "Have you updated to the newest bios".

    Yes, I update that while ago.
    I dont know how to modifily FSB voltage. It does automaticly by incressing core speed. Atleast that happends to me. atm its running at 1316mhz

    What you mean by "You can try moving the FSB up higher after it wont post"
    I dont rly know HOW to put it more... I can only modifily voltage of FSB but not speed. I rly hate my motherboard. But its all i can afford atm =(
  33. oh i forgot to tell you, when i start up comp after some hours that its shuted down, pc deosnt start . I mean with that. I dont see any picture, cpu fan doesnt start to spin atleast i dont hear it as normaly. if i restart power supply and start pc then it starts working. but idk whats that =)
  34. Sorry, been in seattle. Just got home! Umm, that re start thing is kind of odd.

    First post, what are you suing to change the processor frequency? Thats the FSB. As far as I know, its really the only thing that modifies processor speed. FSB x CPU multiplier = CPU frequency.

    Let me know whats been up, and I will help as best I can now.

  35. ok, thx a lot.

    Well lets see, FSBxCPU multipler right ? (x8) i think.
    I guess ur right yea.

    Oh well, atm i got FSB at 330. I tryed to forward it onto 370 - 350.

    I was trying it steep by steep. +1

    but no luck. all same problem. (overclocking faild).

    I'm trying to get my compluter atleast 3ghz. thats all i want. I'm using stock cooler as i told u before and temperatures are pretty low.
    35 - 55°C fully loaded.
    I know its not that low, but i know i can get it up to 65°C with no problems.

    Bios has setting to shutdown at 85°C =)

    Anyway, I didnt found out nothing new so. I was trying frequency's but same error like always: Overclocking faild :P
  36. I know this sounds crazy, but is there any way you can take screen shots of your current BIOS and its settings??

  37. Of course. it doesnt sound crazy =)

    Ok going to take me some time :P
  38. oh sec, seems i didnt upload images =(

    going to fix it
  39. ok works :P
  40. The first one worked for me, then I get some weird SQL error, hehe!

    Feel free to E Mail them to BillboBagginsMailBox@yahoo.com when you get the chance. Thanks!!

  41. Damn this, I'm bad programer in php :P i gota get rid of bugs in my "Simple" scripts :P
  42. I couldnt send it =( SMTP error, got blocked port

    anyway here is my mail:

    Here are images of my Bios:


    These links are directly to the image file. so there wont be a problem viewing them =)

    Thanks for all ur help =)

    P.S.: If you're using yahoo msn we could chat =)
    Fell free to add me: Me@thejacky.com <-- msn live account. Should be working with yahoo.

    Regards, Jacky
  43. any news :O *
  44. Reading about the board. Niiiice, it hides the memory timings, hehe! I am also doing some of my own stuff at last! Got my q6600 testing at 3770 @ 1.440 loaded!

    Will be around all day! How about you give me a status report? LOL!

  45. :O where i can find that :O ?

    sory, i know u're busy man :P I'm already happy u're helping me :)

    Where i can find Status report ?
  46. here is what it says!

    This motherboard also provides memory timings adjustments, feature not found on other P965-based motherboards we reviewed. This option, however, is hidden under Advanced, Chipset, North Bridge Configuration menu, and you need to change the “Configure DRAM Timing by SPD” option to “Disable” for the memory configurations to show up. Also, depending on the BIOS version your motherboard is using, you will find more or less options here. Our board came with 0211 BIOS, which provided only the four basic timings adjustment, but after we upgraded the BIOS to version 0904 all the options shown on Figure 6 appeared.

    So there it is!

  47. ok, i'll check it out. 0904 that is newest beta bios ?

    Becouse i use atm 1803 version (newest non beta version) and I didnt seen that option.

    but i'm not sure. I'll check it right away =)
    Tomorow morning i'll write down what i found out.
  48. LOL, That Bios may be forever old. It just proves that you have it is all!
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