Difference between Galaxy & EVGA?

Buying an 8800 GTS 512 card & right now I see a $50 difference in price between the two companies. Is there a difference in quality, or is this just a result of popularity?
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  1. Post the clock speeds. (Core / Shader / Mem) One could be super clocked (SC) or super super clocked (SSC) which would cause a price difference. Besides the clock speeds - EVGA has a lifetime warranty and offers a 90 "step up" program that will let you change your card to another card of greater value.
  2. In the states at least, the EVGA version also comes bundled with the game Crysis.
  3. Oh, yes. Don't forget about that. :D
  4. If I was you I would go for either XFX/EVGA...Atleast they offer life time warranties (like BFG, but bfg has no special programs)

    With EVGA you get the 3 month step up program and lifetime warranty.

    With XFX you get a double lifetime warranty. If you sell the product, the buyer gets the warranty also. They also have a very open mod/overclock warranty as well.

    Paying for any other brand that doesn't offer a lifetime warranty is really pointless, MSI, asus, leadtek, etc....Why pay for something that has a 1 year warranty when you can get one that has a lifetime?

    Grab an EVGA..and enjoy ^_^.
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