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Heya there folks, I would like to ask how to make a Bootable Win XP CD?

At the moment, I am runing a Win7, but regardless I want to go back to XP.

So, who can help me out, how exactly should i Burn my windows into CD to make it bootable?
(Oh and what version of Nero Burning Rom I should use? Or maybe there's any other type of program you would suggest?)
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  1. Use nLite, it is user-friendly and free. You will need your original WinXP CD and SP3 file (from MS). You can add you motherboard and other drivers to the install. Pay attention to what you choose to disable.
  2. Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is a WinXP based Rescue and Utility Disk.
  3. Both of the suggestions above create a customized bootable OS disc. Both also require you to have a windows disc or image. So, if you have a OS disc or image, you should already have a bootable windows disc.

    Are you simply looking to customize one?
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