A couple AMD CPU questions

I'm building a soft-core build for work and I know that for not extreme work, AMD is the better candidate. However, I have a couple questions

A) For overclocking, is a 45W or 65W CPU better?

B) I found a site related to a CPU testing program that reports the results of overclocking with different types (water, air, etc.) and shows graphs and charts for the overclocking performance of processors-but I don't remember the site. Could someone please tell me what this site is?

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  1. First some general advice:
    1. If you plan to overclock get an Intel. If you just need a "typewriter" don't overclock and go with AMD.
    2. Intel performs better(not by much) for almost any kind of work.
    3. Overclocking is always a mixed bag. My Q6600 runs 3.300GHz (900MHz overclock) at stock voltage.

    A.) A 45W processor runs cooler but it generaly has a lower base clock. If you want to overclock an AMD processor your best bet would be one of the Black Edition multiplier unlocked chips (5000+ BE costs 80 EUR here).

    B.) There are a few dozen sites that do CPU charts.
    You need to provide more detail about it.
  2. Among dual core AMD chips, the 5000+ BE is the overall winner; low power consumption at stock speed, very good overclocking ability, great price. Also, an AMD machine will be a bit cheaper to put together than an Intel. However, when it comes to performance, an Intel C2D will win top honors.

    A further consideration, and andrius touches on it, is the use of the computer. For gaming, Intel is the champ right now. For common office use, there is no difference. In office use, the limiting factor is usually not the CPU, but the speed that you type.
  3. Well mine isn't the typical office-I'll be doing design editing and photoshopping. So I don't need an awesome PC, but the best for the price. I was hoping to get an AMD, around maybe 2.4 GHz dual-core, and overclock maybe to 2.7 or 2.8. Possible for one of the $60 CPUs?

    And the site I was talking about was one specifically for the CPU testing program, something like Prime95 but not quite. Or if you know a great or a better site, that'd work great too! I just need mass charts of overclocking capabilities for CPUs.

    Thanks for being so helpful thus far!
  4. Anyone know what I'm talking about here?
  5. Not exactly, but a $60 E2140 will be much better than any of AMD's offering for around the same price. Besides, you can OC to 3GHz on them, and that will pretty much destroy the competition.
  6. Okay-I guess maybe that's the route I should go, then! I have an e2180 and easily get 2.8 Ghz on stock voltage.

    But just one more thing-I'm really looking for this website with the overclocking performance charts! Please help!
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