Looking into the LCD market...

Well, figured I'd post. I've been looking into getting some LCD for a while. I currently am using a 15" Dell CRT that still works fine, but I think something newer is in order.

I actually, today, bought a 19" AOC 197S-1 brand one that ended up being returned 2 hours later due to half the screen having a bright white overlay on it... Oy... I think I shouldn't have bought anything before asking in the first place. I think this AOC brand must be garbage or I just had bad luck. :fou:

Anyway, the point of this post: What's a good choice brand-wise? I'd like a BLACK frame around the display, no built-in speakers, and I suppose DVI. I'm torn on the widescreen choice as I really like the standard view I've seen on LCD's. Although widescreen seems to be really big these days. Size-wise, I'm probably going to say 19 inch. The one I returned didn't have DVI... Reading reviews seems to be very mixed on a lot of possibilities.

Can someone point me the right way?
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  1. Some good brands are:

    Nec, BenQ, Dell and Samsung.

    It really depends what you want to do with your computer. From your old CRT I assume that you're not doing any graphics intensive work.

    If you're looking for a high-end monitor look for one with a viewing angle 176 degrees or greater. Viewing angle in and of itself isn't of great importance but this is the easiest way to tell what kind of technology a monitor uses.

    Generally speaking:

    160-170 degrees is a TN panel - cheap but not too bad
    176 is MVA - Best for movies, good contrast
    178 is IPS - Best for art, good consistent colors

    All 22" panels are TN. MVA and IPS are usually only in 24" and above panels.
  2. If I was going to take a wild guess and recommend a monitor for you I'd suggest the Samsung 906BW 19" non-widescreen:

  3. Opps that's widescreen try the 940BX


    sorry about the long chain of posts
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