Next CPU Chart update? Would like to see AM2+ chipset numbers

When are the CPU charts going to be upgraded? I'm curious to see if the numbers on the AMD cpu's improve at all on the 790FX, 790X, or 770 based am2+ boards. I also noticed that in the phenom reviews, that an nforce 5 based board was used, due to lack of available 790 board in the lab no doubt.

After all I'm currently rebuilding and upgrading my system, piece by piece. So, I'm trying to decide whether I want to hold on to the old X2 4200+ for now and wait for the phenom revision, or get an X2 6400+ BE, Since Newegg currently has it marked down to $159.99.

So, parts that I have currently, and those that are coming
Athlon X2 4200+
4Gb (2x2) G.Skill DDR2 800
MSI k9A2 Platinum (in route)
MSI HD2600XT 256mb DDR4 (need to upgrade soon, going for 3870 or 3850 512mb version)
and the rest is unimportant since I'm a cheapo.
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  1. If you are a cheap-o then get a better video card and keep your current cpu. Try a little over clocking to boost your power. Just make sure you have a decent power supply in order to power it all. Don't be a cheap-o when it comes to power supplies.

    At least that is my opinion as to what you should do. I know those prices on the high end K8 cpus are tempting.......that is how I ended up with my X2 6000+ I could not resist the price....but I was running a single core cpu at the time and you have a dual core.
  2. Ah yeah, ps is a Rosewill Stalion 450W, could probably use a bit more juice too, but have to get things when I have the cash.
  3. From the reviews I read, the 790 boards are not much help at this point in time.

    These boards are supposed to support an adjustable North Bridge which could help performance. Unfortuntely, AMD had to lower the NB due to stability with even stock NB speeds.

    With the B3 revision, perhaps higher NB speeds might be reached and make these boards worthwhile. At this point, I don't think so.
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