Partition creator/resizer for vista x64?


I'm runngin Vista x64

I've tried many boot cds like Hiren's 9.6 and Ultimate Boot Cd... but hey do not recognize my driver under DOS (or whatever OS they use)

I don't know why, but that's a different issue..

Anyways.. anyone know go a good partition resizer for vista 64? I know it comes with a built in thingy but I'd like something like Partigion Magic or Acronis that never let me down. Sadly, these 2 do not work well with my OS.

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  1. Yah, go into disk management and do it from there when you are in Vista.
  2. The built in disk utility in Vista works fine. Why waste time and $ looking for something else?
  3. yeah!!!!!! Why be sucky when you lick monkey balls!!!!!!! The built in utility that comes with vista sucks like your mom
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