Radeon HD3850 512MB vs 8800GT 256MB

My budget is pretty much $200... ( it was $150 then I decided to invest a little bit more)
I can't seem to be able to find any benchmarks of the 512MB HD3850.
The Radeon HD3850 sells for $199 and the Geforce 8800GT for about $210 but its the 256MB version.
Which one would be the superior video card????
Whats the better buy ?
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  1. No actually they are similiar. If you have a 22in monitor go with the 3850. Just OC it and it will beat the 8800GT handily.
  2. I can't find the charts for the HD3850 with 512MB.... The 8800GT w/512MB outperforms the 256MB version by a good margin so I'm wondering if the HD3850 w/512MB would do the same with the HD3850
  3. The 256MB 8800GT is not a very good card. Just google for some reviews and you'll see what I mean.
  4. Shadow, those benches are for the 512Mb version.

    I believe the 256GT is garbage.
    U should be better off with the radeon in this case.

    The 512GT would be ideal tho. Not sure the price difference.
  5. Between the 512MB HD 3850 and 256MB 8800GT I would go for the former. 256MB is cutting it a little close for modern games, especially at resolutions higher than 12x10. the HD 3850 also has decent overclocking headroom so that's an added bonus.
  6. 8800GT will outperform the 3850 where alot of memory isnt needed, but on newer games when you turn up the AA, the 512 3850 will give you better framerates. Why would you think the 256 GT is garbage?
  7. It's not garbage, but it's longevity is pretty limited due to the small amount of RAM it has.
  8. I guess my $200 is going for the Radeon HD3850, thanks
  9. The 8800gt is far too good to be paired with just 256mb, its miles behind the 512mb gt when the resolution and aa climbs. It just looks like a waste of a good gpu and looks dated/will have a short useful life already. You should go for a cheap 512mb card, so the 3850 with 512mb should serve you well. Overclocks well too by all accounts.
  10. i would really get a 3870(i already have 1) the 3850 is nice and all but the price difference is too close to the 3870, i think. In order for me to get a 3850 the price difference should be around $100. Moving to 512 mb 3850 vs 256mb 8800gt...get the 3850 if u xfire and get the gt if u plan to play on res lower than 1440 x 990.

    ps. why make a 256 version of the gt?!? why not make a 384 mb gtx(which seems more justified)?
  11. Just get the 512MB 3850 and be done with it. It's in stock at Newegg right now for $219.99, which is $20 more than it was a week ago. TAKE THE PLUNGE :pt1cable: (if you haven't already)
  12. The 3850 512mb card perform like an absolute diamond! I bought one a few days ago and tried it on most of the new games (except Crysis, for the fairly obvious reasons) X3: Reunion scored an average 69.7fps with all settings turned upto the max at 1440x900. Colin mcrae DIRT played with reasonable rate of about 35-38fps with all settings turned up high.

    For the price (£126 about $200) it was a steal!!!

    I could scream about the 3850 all day if i wanted because im an ATI boy, but nvidia are starting to feel the heat from ATI, with the release of the 38XX x2's next year nvidia better start making some progress!!!
  13. This is true, just thought I'd put it out there.
    The one advantage it may have is the cooling solution?
  14. kpo6969 said:

    That's a good card, but it's priced all wrong. The SAPPHIRE 3870 is only $10 more right now.
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