SUPER TALENT MasterDrive OX 64GB SSD or 300gb Velociraptor??

Hi new to posting

Bought a wd 300gb velociraptor haven't opened it

Having second thoughts with this new ssd

Maybe just load vista x64 of the ssd

does this one have pausing problems?

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  1. I would stick with the Velociraptor. You would be using almost all of your space on the SSD just with the Vista installation, and you probably wouldn't notice a huge difference in performance if this is just for home use.
  2. No you wouldn't dude...

    i have literally 5 games on my 64 GB SSD... 2 over 10 GB

    Keep the Velociraptor... I don't now how much you had to pay for your SSD, but I picked up a OCZ Core SSD 64 GB for about 150 $ with a special deal... I was going to pick up the velociraptor but i wanted to try the SSD... sure read speeds are great... but boot time still sucks (due to a lame a**ed asus mobo that takes forever to start... so if you do keep the SSD make sure your mobo is a fast booter) and write speeds are simply horrible....

    on a normal platter (old WD drive) I had write speeds of 60 MB/s I installed games in a tops of 10 minutes... now on the SSD with claimed speeds of upto 80 mb/s.... It takes 40 minutes...

    its terrible if your doing any multi tasking to... it momentarily just freezes.... you can't do ANYTHING for a couple seconds as you wait for the drive to do things

    I wish i had spent the extra 150 bucks and got the velociraptor instead... although the SSD is nice... normal HDDs are so much better currently... except maybe for the new Intel SSDs that are like 10 $/ GB
  3. So this brand new released OX version still suffers from the negs of cheaper ssds?
  4. ocz core got terrible ratings dude, the core 2 on the other hand is fast as hell
  5. i'm talking about the new supertalent ox ssd. is it a rebadged ocz?
    Core 2?
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