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Hook linksys wireless router and 2 switches to main router

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August 16, 2008 6:09:38 AM

hello, setting up my home network based on a dsl connection.

have a linksys dsl router with 8port switch [ BEFSR81 ver 3 ] that will recieve the main feed from my dsl modem.

i want to hook up a wireless linksys router [ wrt54g ] and 2 linksys wired switches. [ ezsx88w ver3 ]

my question is -- is it best to hook each switch up from a one of the ports on my main wired router, or can i just daisy chain them by hooking a cat5 from a port on the router to the uplink port on switch 1, then running another cat 5 from any port 1-7 (8 is shared by uplink port so cannot use) to the uplink port on the next switch.

i also will hook a wireless linksys, i think the wrt54g to the main wired linksys router as well. so to do this just run another cat 5 from a port on the wired router to the internet port on the wireless router?? will i have to change any settings on the second router (the wireless one) DHCP, or TCP/Ip or anything??? im sry if these are noob networking questions. . .

thanks so much to any TH member that can help me out, i am very uncomfortable with networking.

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August 16, 2008 7:34:25 AM

edit: i think that i will just base everything off the wrt54g. I will use this as the router and wireless access point. from that, i will just use the linksys sr224 24 port switch. how does this sound?
August 30, 2008 4:07:14 PM

I am hooking a wireless router to the residential 2-wire gateway that ATT installed yesterday,and I am not getting any recognition of or internet on any of the computers on the 2nd router on my network! I thought it would be easy as heck and transparent to simply plug in, but that is not the case. I spent hours messing with it, no luck. Just some food for thought there...