GA-965P-DS3 rev. 1 repeatedly restarts after graphics card installl

I have been running this mobo for 2 years without any trouble, and was somewhat enthused about putting in a shiny new 8800GT. However, after successfully installing the card, my computer will no longer boot up. The fans will begin to spin, the hard drive activates, and everything seems normal... for roughly one second. Then the system shuts down, pauses for a few seconds, and then begins this cycle again. The monitor never gets a signal, there are no beeps... I have checked the cables from the hard drive, psu, and just about everything else I can think of. I have tried putting in my old card, but that doesn't seem to help, so I can only conclude that something went wrong during installation. Any ideas?
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  1. do you have power to the card?? you could have disrupted your memory does old card still work?? or could be the PSU not able to handle the new card
  2. No, putting in the old card (and leaving the graphics card out altogether) does not fix the problem. Yes, there is power going to the card. And the PSU is 550 watts, which from my understanding is just fine for an 8800GT.
  3. have you tried reseting the bios to factory defaults with the jumper?
  4. Could it be compatibility problem cos the card is PCIe 2.0?

    I heard about this problem. You should google.
  5. Hmmm... I think the newer cards should be backwards compatible NaDa, as it was the case with the AGP interface.
    I still recomend to put back the old card and reset the bios of the mobo using a jumper.
  6. Yes PCIe 2.0 is compatible with PCIe 1.1/1.0a/1.0
    But looks like 8800GT isn't compatile to some motherboards.


    And yes about the AGP it isn't really backward compatible.
    Tyr to put an agp 8x card in an agp 2x slot or vice versa and you have a burnt mobo.
  7. You cannot put an AGP 8x vga to an AGP 2x slot due to hardware incompatibillity. It will simply not fit.
    But you can very nicelly put a 8x card in a 4x slot.

    As for the 8800GT is it the chipset's (NVidia) or the "manufacturer of the vga" 's fault???
  8. Who knows whose fault it is. Some people are haveing problems with some mobos booting up. One suggested to put the card in a PCIe x4 slot that it works that way. Since this particular mobo doesnt have a x4 slot that it's not a solution. Seams the problem doesn't affect ATI 38x0 series.
    Looks like a 8800GT problem with some mobos (with pcie 1.0/1.0a).

    I am just saying to LegendaryF rog, man look on the net, google, if there is a solution it's out there.

    A lot of people come in here barking about their problem without even giving it a try on the google. Thats why I have left this forum and came here now after probably a year.
  9. I had the same problem. Took everything out and reseated them...still same problem. Then I unplugged all my USB cables and just plugged in my mouse and keyboard USBs and it booted right up. I was then able to add back in all my other USB stuff..........Hope this helps!
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