Storage Problem(Maxtor) and Asus A8N-E Motherboard

ok i have a little problem and i need tips :)
Ive had Motherboard Asus A8N-Efor like for 2.5 years now ,running with Maxtor HDD 200 GB.
But ive been having HDD problems very often , like when i install Service pack 2 it says '' Hard Drive Failure '
Sometimes doesnt start as well. Well i went to the store where i bought the HDD and i got told that ' Maxtor ' HDD's have problems with this kind of Asus MB.
So im buying a new HDD and i need tips . What manufacturer should i choose ? What would go ' smooth ' with this Asus MB?

Thanks in Advance for any tips and hints :)

Aleksandar Tokarev
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  1. There is no reason a Maxtor drive would have compatability issues with an Asus motherboard. Someone was feeding you a line of baloney, and you just are little unlucky that you got a drive that may have had a slight manufacturing defect. Or, you may need to make sure that it is not getting too hot. Like everthing else in your PC, heat is your main enemy. Make sure you have good airflow for cooling around your drives.
    It's much easier for them to say that and just sell you something else with no questions or confrontation about the early failure of the Maxtor.

    I myself have used Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital drives- and never really had any problems with any of them on exactly that same motherboard. If you want to use something different than Maxtor, I would suggest Seagate.

    Late edit....
    Sorry, but I just had to add a little more to this. Computer shops and retailers can say the stupidest things. Saying a Maxtor drive has compatibilty issues with an Asus motherboard is like like getting a flat tire, and the tire shop tells you that the reason your tire is flat is because your Goodyear tires are not compatible with your Toyota Camry.
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