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This is going to be my first post. So, i decided to reformat my hard-drive. After reformatting the hard-drive i installed windows XP 64bit. Well....everything was fine until i had to move from one place to the other. After getting my desktop set up at the new location I started getting the "blue screen of death", at times it would be before windows started up and after windows started up. Initially i would have taken down the error code and looked it up, however, i had speculated that it had something to do with the catalyst control center, so i uninstalled that(keeping display drivers of course) and this stopped the blue screen from coming up. HOWEVER, now whenever i start my computer and i reach the desktop the frames rates tend to drop to what seems like .1 frame per second, this happens for 30 seconds to 1min at the most. It happens more often when i try to connect to my wireless router(which by the way doesn't work and never gets the connection, while my laptop does). I've tried reinstalling windows(didn't work) so now i'm speculating maybe a hardware memory issue, but not sure. Please help!

My specs:
ATI HD2500 512mb
2gb ram
2.8 ghz
60gig HD(20 used)
Windows XP SP3
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  1. Try booting into safe mode with networking. Do you notice the poor performance there?

    XP 64 bit has poor driver support. My initial guess is, you have some outdated/bad drivers.
  2. I attempted to boot in safe mode with networking and it booted, but when i try to connect my wireless the framerates drop again. Even if i dont connect, after a coupe of min the frame rates drop...this happens for 30 sec to 1 min every 3-4 min. Now i'm really thinking this might be a hardware issue since all the drivers worked perfectly up to the point i moved. Should i take the some ram sticks out and trouble shoot? or change hard drives and trouble shoot? what do you guys think? thanks, i appreciate the help.
  3. Open the task manager and watch the CPU and RAM usage. When the PC starts to lag, is the CPU or RAM usage spiking?

    If it's the cpu, go to the processes tab, and arrange the usage by CPU usage. What process is hogging the CPU?
  4. I opened up task manager and watched the CPU usage go up to 100% whenver the framerate drops. When i check the processes, i noticed that the only thing running other than explorer is SVCHOST and it usually runs at 17k. I noticed when i close this out, the framerates improve for a long period of time, but whenever i try to search for wireless networks it freezes up again.
  5. You may have a memory leak. Check out this article, and try the fix.
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