Help in Speedfan.

Just installed Speedfan and I have a few questions (PC Case = Antec P182, MB = P5E-WS):

1. There are 4 fan speeds and how do I find out which ones they control? It seems like Speed02 controls both the rear fan and top fan of my case.

2. I like to keep Speed02 to 65% to reduce noise level. How do I keep this setting at startup? I did try to add Speedfan to Startup but it would start at 100% speed.

3. This application is great. Is there any documentation on this application?

4. There are my current readings at idle. Are these measurements OK? Did I connect anything wrong?

System fan 0 RPM
CPU0 fan 1480 RPM
Aux0 fan 1623 RPM
CPU1 fan 0 RPM
Aux1 fan 0 RPM

System 32c
CPU 25c
AUX 127c (high)
Core0 17c
Core1 17c
Core2 17c
Core3 17c
Core 58c (high)
Ambient 45c

Vcore 1.17V
+12V 11.25V
AVcc 3.3V
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  1. First off your readings

    System 32c - Case or chipset
    CPU 25c - Socket or Tcase
    AUX 127c (high) - Ignore it- No sensor attached
    Core0 17c - CPU core(But its 15c too low. This is a known problem to be fixed in the next release. Also they may be inaccurate[all cores showing one temp sometimes], this will be fixed soon)
    Core1 17c - Same
    Core2 17c - Same
    Core3 17c - Same
    Core 58c (high) - VGA card(Seems like an 8800)
    Ambient 45c - Ambient VGA temp

    Vcore 1.17V - As it says
    +12V 11.25V - As its says - This may be inaccurate
    AVcc 3.3V - As it says

    Alright onward

    -First off open speedfan
    -Click on Configure
    -Select Speeds
    -Now select the speed you want to change (Speed02)
    -Set the min and max to 65 and check off automatically variated.
    -Click OK
    -Now check off Automatic fan speed

    Reference image (Its the beta for the next version of speedfan so it looks a little different, but the options are the same)

    Now if you want speedfan to minimize on close instead of closing(so close will send it to the system tray by the clock)
    -Click Configure
    -Select Options
    -Check Minimize on close(Its next the the language selection and under the words small and large)
    -Click ok
    -Close speedfan(with the X) and it should go in the system tray.

    Now on the the 15c Offset to make your temps accurate

    -Open Speedfan
    -Click Configure
    -Select Advanced
    -From the drop down select INTEL CORE
    -For Temperature offset(all 4 of them) "set to" 15 and make sure you add the "remember it" check mark for each one.

    Reference Image

    Last off. Speedfan can also control fan speeds based on temperature

    -Open Speedfan
    -Click Configure
    -Select Temperatures
    -Hit the + on all items and uncheck all Speeds(this is to prevent items like the video card from increasing the fan speeds)
    -Select the item you want to control the fan speed with(i suggest Core0 on INTEL CORE)
    -Give it a desired temp(The temp at witch you want the fan to speed up at)
    -Get the warning temp to 75(or wherever you want to be warned)
    -If you want it in the system tray - check it(You can only have one temp in the tray. it will be the speedfan tray logo)
    -Check off the speed you want to control for CORE0 (Speed2 Again)
    -Go over to Speeds and give Speed2 a max speed of 80% Click ok

    Reference Image

    You can refine the speeds and temps to meet your need, you want quiet when not doing anything but the speed to increase if it gets too hot...

    If you want to see just how hot your cpu can get post back and i will tell you how to do that...Also post your full system and if you are over clocking....


    Also check the back of your case above the fan, there should be switches that control the case fan speeds(Top and back i think)....give it a try....
  2. First off, thanks for your help.

    My system:
    P5E-WS, Q6600-G0, 2x2GB OCZ2P8004GK, Antec P182, eVGA-8800GTS-512MB, Freezer 7 Pro, Cosair 620W, 500GB WD hard disk, 2 SATA DVD-writers.

    I do not know if System 32c is Case or chipset and CPU 25c is Socket or Tcase. The store installed the PC for me. How do I check?

    Now I am running Prime95 and Nero Recode. The Speedfan readings:
    I think you're right, when I adjustedpeed02 to 65%, the CPU0 fan speed dropped to 1875. However, at 65%, I did not see much difference in the various temperatures.

    System fan 0 RPM
    CPU0 fan 2637 RPM
    Aux0 fan 1055RPM
    CPU1 fan 0 RPM
    Aux1 fan 0 RPM

    System 33c
    CPU 39c
    AUX 127c (high)
    HD0 45c
    Core0 30c
    Core1 29c
    Core2 27c
    Core3 28c
    Core 54c (high)

    Vcore 1.29
    +12V 11.25V
    AVcc 3.3V
  3. Forgot to mention. Currently I set the FSB to 283 MHz, so CPU is running at 2.54 GHz.

    Setting thre FSB is the other way I know how to OC, have to do more research later.
  4. Did you add the 15c offset?

    Everything looks in spec.

    Enjoy the new computer....


    If you set the FSB to 333 then you should get a easy 3.0

    Just use prime95 to load all cores(check the task manager to make sure all 4 are loaded) to check stability....
  5. I did not add the 15c offset. I just raised the FSB to 300 and the CPU is now running at 2.7 GHz.

    I tried to set Speed02 to 75% at bootup but it did not work. I have to manually adjust to lower speed everytime. Maybe because my SpeedFan is version 4.33.

    As for Prime95, I did manage to specific which CPU to run. However, I cannot run multiple instances; everytime I click on Prime95 while one already running, the application would launch but it would go away. I did notice that for the first one I run, it said Prime95-P-1 on top and the 2nd one said Prime95-t3.
  6. I use 4.33 on my Athlon 64 system with no problems(for the same reason, its too loud)

    Is the "Automatic fan speed" checked on the main window(under configure)? and your desired temps are all set?
  7. I tried both, Automatic fan speed checked and not checked.

    I noticed that if this box is checked, I cannot change the fan speed at all. Everytime I lowered the speed, it would revert back to 100%.
  8. did you go change the min and max will not go to 100% unless the max is set to 100%

    mine is 100% on this computer because i do not use it to control speed, but i do on another machine...
  9. I did set the MIN and MAX to 65% but when I rebooted the PC, the front page (Readings) always showed 100% for Speed02. I could tell because of the noise.....

    I am trying Q-Fan (Perfromance profile) now. This are my temperatures in SpeedFan-4.34 while running Prime95 (FSB=300, CPU=2.7GHz):

    Core 0=54c
    Core 1=55c
    Core 2=44c
    Core 3=44c

    Speed02 is 62% and CPU fan is at 1740 RPM. Are these readings OK? I have specified Prime95 to run in Core 1, so I can understand the higher temeprature. Why would Core 0 high as well?

    There are fire indicators beside Core 0, Core 1 and Core. I checked and this is because in the Config - Temperatures tab, all the temperatures are set to 40c (desired) and 50c (warning).
  10. You should run prime on all cores to get the max temp...

    The reason 0 and 1 are close is because a core2 Quad is 2 dual cores side by 0 and 1 are in the same silicon chip(there are 2). After a while the heat will get from one to the other. This will vary for many reasons....

    Your temps are still safe, but its better to run on all cores to see how hot it gets in the worse case scenario. The board should increase the fan speeds over a certain temperature on its own...
  11. How do I run Prime95 on all core at the same time?

    In SpeedFan, core0, core1, core2, core3 represent temperatures of each CPU. What is the entry CPU?

    Typically, what is the highest temperature Q6600 can run at?
  12. I checked, the max temperature for the Q6600 is 71C. Seems like some people are running their Q6600s even higher than 71c.
  13. Well generally you won't load all cores fully, so you will probably never reach that temp in real-world apps. I could reach that on my E6600 at stock, so don't worry ;)

    @Nukemaster: Nice explanation :thumbsup:
  14. I downloaded Prime95-V25.5 and I can now run it in all 4 cores.
    Current OC: 291 MHZ, CPU=2.62 GHz.

    With Q-Fan enabled and Prime95 running on all 4 cores, the Core Temp readings were:
    58-61 for Core1 and Core2
    55-57 for Core3 and Core4
    According to PC-Probe-2, CPU=49c, CPU fan=2033 RPM (max=2657 RPM), CPU Usage=100%

    Q-Fan is working out nicely so far. The PC would boot with CPU fan at 1000 RPM and increases gradually as required based on the CPU temperature.

    1. Are these temperatures still OK?
    2. Both SpeedFan and PC Probe-2 reported the CPU temp was 49 and it is 10-12c below what Core Temp reported for each core. Why?
  15. temps are just fine... at 70-75 start to clean the dust out :)

    From Intel

    The thermal specification shown is the maximum case temperature at the maximum Thermal Design Power (TDP) value for that processor. It is measured at the geometric center on the topside of the processor integrated heat spreader

    So to make it short its a good 15c(estimate) cooler on the top of the heat spreader then it is in the core(Thats what your are reading in speedfan).

    In my sig check out the core2 temp guide

    Also make sure Speedstep is on to keep the fan speed as low as possible while the computer is idle. Just set your power options to portable/laptop and see if the speeds drops when doing nothing....use cpu-z to check the clock speed.
  16. The Core2 Temp Guide is currently not available. I will try later.

    My OC now is FSB=307, CPU=2763 MHz. I will keep this setting for a while, just 15% OC.

    So far, the Q-Fan is doing quite well.
    According to SpeedFan, CPU idle, CPU=31, Core=40,40,38,38 and the fan is running at 970 RPM.

    After running Prime95 for an hour for all 4 cores:
    According to SpeedFan, CPU 100%, CPU=47-50, Core1 and Core2 = 58-63, Core3 and Core4 = 54-59. Fan=2250 RPM.

    I will do some research to OC the memory in the next few days.
  17. I'm having the same problem as one of the ones that mis33 encountered. When I turn on automatic fan speed all of my fan speeds reset to 100%.

    I have the following set up, as per the pictures:

    Readings tab:
    Automatic fan speed: Checked

    Configure -> Speeds
    Speed 1:
    Min: 25%
    Max: 50%
    Automatically varied: checked

    (same settings for Speed 2 and Speed 3).

    However, this just reverts all my fan speeds back to 100%

    I also tried following up those steps by unchecking "Automatic fan speed" on the Readings tab, but still no luck.
  18. The fan automatically goes to full speed if the warning temperature is passed(its a fail safe)

    So it looks like what ever you are trying to control is over 50c. You have to go into config and set a higher warning temperature.

    set your warning higher....about 10c over what your device runs at(i say device since you can go based on anything, hard drive cpu gpu...also uncheck speeds from anything you do not want controlling the video for example...if you are controlling the cpu fan uncheck the speeds from everything but cpu or your hottest cpu core[some video cards show up as a core uncheck that as well]...)

    Also 50-75 may be a safer speed range....if you do go 25, just make sure it does not shut off, some fans will not run at 25%

    Hope this helps
  19. Hmmm....well the temp never actually gets over ~42C or so, so it's still well below my warning temp. But I will try setting that higher.
  20. Ok...bit of an update.

    Weird, but now not only does it go to 100% by default, but it won't even let me change it! I try and lower it and it just reverts back to 100% as soon as I click off it.

  21. Ah, nevermind, got it now ;).

    One of the temp readings I had selected was all borked and was reading 127C so speedfan must've been freaking out and cranking up all the fans for that.

    Got it working now. Thanks for all your help!
  22. Good to hear it works....enjoy the quieter computer...
  23. hey nukemaster,
    glad to know someone can explain this program.
    I overclocked my CPU and would like the fan to spin faster now cus cpu gets to hot.(windows freezes at 65C while i set the max. cpu temp in boot at 75C)
    It looks like its automaticly controlled and i cant seem to adjust speed.(runs 3100 rpms at oprx.60C)
    Can you help me out?
  24. Full specs please.

    3100 sounds like a high speed, what heatsink is that?
  25. Nukemaster, right now my average temperature is 31c. My temp for something called my HD0 is 39c my main fan is at 55%, averaging 2007 rpm. I don't know much about advanced computing, and i just need to know if these readings are normal! Can you help?
  26. they are normal(or at least seems so to me, the HD0[Hard Disk 0] may be a bit warm, but nowhere near dangerous). It looks like your board is controlling the fan(s) on its own, is that the way it is? If you find it too warm you can always turn that off in the bios(provided its a board that lets you turn it off).

    In general I would not worry about it

    Are you having any problems you think are related to heat?
  27. For a while my computer would shut off at random, and it was suggested it might be the computer overheating and shutting down, and to try this application.

    However the computer seems fine now after i did the good ole' system restore :)

    Thanks for your help :hello: bye!
  28. Hi I was reading this thread and sounded as if there was someone who knows what they are doing and might be able to help me figure out my speedfan abit.

    I am running a AMD Athlon64 2800+ and a geforce 6600gt, my motherboard is a Elitegroup K8M800-M2 in a cheap case i dont know what it is but it has a fan and heatsink on the cpu an exhaust fan (I want to upgrade all this soon and just have to get some money first).

    In speedfand it has a long list of temps

    GPU 56
    Temp 1 always over 100
    Temp 2 40
    Temp 3 15 - 40
    Local 44
    Remote 53
    HD0 33
    HD1 38
    Temp 1 40

    It has two fans one at 902 rpm and the other at 2679 rpm

    If you could help me find some answers to what all of these are your help would be much appreciated
  29. If you enter your motherboards bios, then go under hardware monitor. You should see what the motherboard calls them all.

    Its hard to guess... but i would say

    GPU 56 - This is listed. Its your video card
    Temp 1 always over 100 - This seems hot even for a old Athlon. I would check the bios to make sure the cpu is not running this hot
    Temp 2 40 - This may well be the cpu.
    Temp 3 15 - 40 - Maybe the chipset?
    Local 44 - CPU again? check the bios to see or load the cpu(with a game or something that makes it work) and see what temp goes up.
    Remote 53 - No clue, if it was a very old Athlon XP i would say cpu, but unless your full load, your 2800 will not do that. If you do not have cool n quiet on, this may well be a cpu temp as well, but still seems high.
    HD0 33 - First Hard Drive
    HD1 38 - Second Hard Drive
    Temp 1 40 - Case or chipset?

    Normally one says Core for your cpu to be honest.

    If you click configure on speedfan the first tab should show the sensors in use for your readings. One should be called AMD K8. That is your cpu temp from the onboard(in cpu core) sensor. You may also have another cpu on another sensor from some kind of thermal sensor in the socket. Your hard drives will have there own sensors called HDDX(XXX.XGB). The X's will be the drive number and the capacity. Your video card will be listed as well.

    Some times there are sensors on the chip that are not hooked up, that can give you temps like that 100c thing. In that case(the bios does not report anything at 100c), you can uncheck it so you do not have to see it.
  30. HI i want to know if my fan& temp readings are normal because my computer turned off recently. I opened it up and cleared some dust off of the heatsink, my video card, and the fan over the heatsink with a aircan spray. my computer is all in a regular case.

    My specs on speedfan reads as follows: when idle (note that my fans are a little noisy)


    My RPN readings are this:


    that is alll it displays and i want to know which one is which? why do i have 3 diff temps? why are only 1 fan reading is showing numbers?

    anyways my computer specs are this.

    HP pavillion 754n
    P4 2.54ghz
    motherboard name is: MS-6577 (Xenon 3)
    evga 6600GT 128mb video card
    1 Gig of ram
    One 80GB HD
    One 120GB HD
    CD drive & CD/DVD writer drive
  31. Your temps are in the normal range. A bit warm, but not anything to worry about.

    Make sure you keep you power supply fan clean as well. If it overheats it will shut down to prevent damage.

    The reason you only see the one fan is due to how the board is made. Not all boards support fan reading as well as speed. I have some boards that let me see the speed but not control and others with none at all. Also some times there is the hardware to control fans, but it is not connected to anything. The same goes for temp sensors, that is why some users see things like 150c all the time on a temp sensor in speedfan.

    HP systems normally control there own fan speed as needed, so you should be ok.

    If you start to have recurring issues, then we will have to look for the cause.
  32. I am trying speedfan for a temporary fix at the moment, but if I like the way it works I will continue to use it and may even recommend it to some friends. My computer is consistently overheating, but is scheduled to be fixed in 2 weeks. Luckily it is under warranty. In the mean time I need to make it operational - bad time of the semester to have your computer breakdown with the amount of papers and projects I have going on.

    Here are the speedfan specs I am getting:
    GPU: 69C
    Core 0: 74C
    Core 1 :74C
    DIMM: 60 C
    Temp 4: 52 C
    CPU: 59C
    GPU 53C

    Fan 1: 2644 RPM
    Fan 2: 3035 RPM
    Fan 3: 922 RPM

    The computer is overheating when I am using (or putting stress) on the video card. What would be the optimal set-up to keep the computer running smoothly?

    Computer is a Dell Inspiron E1705

    Thank you for you help.
  33. Being a laptop and a Dell, you may have to enable Dell Support in the speedfan options. After that since you are trying to cool it as much as you can, just crank the fans. Most notebook cpus and gpus can take a fair bit of heat.

    It may be a good idea to get a can of compressed air to keep the heatsink/fan clean since dust greatly reduces the ability of the fan to push air into the heatsink.
  34. Hi Nukemaster,

    I'm wondering if you can help me - you seem to know you're way around Speedfan...

    I have 3 case fans and 1 CPU fan. 2 of the case fans have 3-pin connectors and the other one has only 2-pins, therefore I understand this 2-pin one cannot be monitored, but still controlled.

    I have recently installed Speedfan and have had some success with it. However, for some reason Speedfan has bundled all 3 of my case fans together, so i can only control all 3 of them together - not individually. The CPU fan cannot be controlled at all, but it can be monitored.

    All my fans are running off the MB. I'm just wondering if you can think of a reason why the 3 case fans would be bundled together like that?

  35. If all 3 control with one speed, then they are most likely linked on the board. So one power supply drives all of them

    The cpu fan may have its own built in control(q-fan,smart fan ect) that can be turned off in the bios. You can also turn those off in the advanced speedfan options some times.

    If you change a setting(lets say I set Software controlled), you need to check remember it box if you want speedfan to change it every time.

    The 2 pin fan may fully lack any kind of hardware on the motherboard to vary its voltage.

    What board do you have. There are some boards that lack fan control on some fan headers.
  36. My MB is an Asus P5Q-E - it's quite a new one so I think it should be able to control the fans.

    I don't really understand those settings in the Advanced tab - what are they for?

  37. Yes, thats a very new board and most asus ones control all there fans. As i have said, some are linked sometimes.

    Advanced lets you see each sensor or device the board is using. each board has different sensors. Software controlled or manual control on some boards just tells the board to not vary the fan, this in turn allows you to control them.

    Since its a new Asus board, i would first try the Qfan options in the bios. You may find one that gives the right balance of cool temps and quiet operation.

    As said, if you turn Qfan off in the bios under hardware monitor, you can control the fans without any advanced settings.
  38. I've made sure Qfan is turned off in the BIOS but i still don't seem to be able to control each fan individually. The same goes for the CPU fan which shouldn't be controlled by Qfan, seeing as I've disabled it, but I still can't control it in Speedfan.

    Weird huh?
  39. very strange, once off, the speed controls should work on any fan header that supports it. Check you advanced options and see what the pwm modes are all set to.
  40. Hi nukemaster,

    I just downloaded speedfan a few days ago and i need your help in the configuration. I'm quite an idiot when it comes to computer so kindly forgive me if i asked any stupid questions later.

    The reading shown by SpeedFan currently is as follows:

    Temp1: 75C
    Temp2: 45C
    HD0: 42C
    Temp1: 49C

    Fan1: 3924 RPM
    Fan2: 0 RPM
    Fan3: 0 RPM

    I dunno what's my motherboard model but my pc's a Acer Aspire SA85.

  41. That 75 looks a little toasty.

    Other then that things look ok.

    Do you know what cpu you have in there? Some run hotter then others.

    Are you having any issues with crashing?
  42. CPU? Erm, I went to system properties and it shows Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz.
    It that what u are asking for?

    crashing ah? don't think so but my pc have been auto restarting every few days when i try to open something (IE or other programs) soon after i on it.

    oh just fyi, current reading on SpeedFan is as follows:

    The reading shown by SpeedFan currently is as follows :

    Temp1: 58C
    Temp2: 43C
    HD0: 43C
    Temp1: 50C

    Fan1: 2860 RPM
    Fan2: 0 RPM
    Fan3: 0 RPM
  43. Ok, Well based on on your temps.

    Temp1 = CPU
    Temp2 = Chipset (that little share thing, normally between the cpu and the video card)
    Temp3 = Some kind of ambient case temp sensor
    HD0 = You hard disk
    Temp1 (the 2nd one) = Not 100% sure, could be near the chipset or power system

    Fan1 = CPU FAN
    Fan2 = NC
    Fan3 = NC

    Now if you have the computer restarting, there may be a heat issue. First thing to do, is tell Windows to NOT restart on errors.

    Right click the My Computer icon on the desktop or in start menu.
    Click Properties then the tab called Advanced
    Under the Startup and Recovery section select Properties
    Under System failure clear the check mark from Automatically restart.

    This way if it happens to have a error causing the restart, the computer will give you a blue screen with an error message you can post for more help.

    Next thing you should check is if your CPU heat sink is clean(get a can of compressed air to clean it). the fins are fairly close and thereby collect allot of dust. Dust causes higher temps.

    Last thing to look at...

    Make sure the heatsink/fan looks to be holding good. In some cases the Intel stock heatsink pins can come loose causing the heatsink to have poor contact with the CPU.

    If you have any questions, just ask.
  44. Hey,

    Just downloaded SpeedFan and i've been following your walkthrough but no matter what i do my fanspeed wont change what so ever.. I've got a dual core AMD tho and i have never tried anything like this before.. Just want my computer to be more silent.. Help? :P
  45. forgot to say that it's my CPU fanspeed i want to change :ange:
  46. First thing to try is entering the bios and turning off any bios level fan control(it should be with the hardware monitor).

    Did you try
  47. Hi nukemaster,

    I encountered the following error message (partial only) the next day, when starting windows after clearing the check mark from Automatically restart.

    "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    Technical Information: STOP: 0x0000000A (0x740BD42C, 0x0000001C, 0x00000001C, 0x804DC84C)"

    Did not take down the whole message but think it mentioned to restart my computer if it was my 1st time encountering the error msg and ask if I have downloaded anything new and also to check BIOS and stuff.

    Anything I should be doing regarding the above?

  48. STOP: 0x0000000A is very general. It can mean anything from poorly designed software/drivers to hardware failure such as bad memory or cpu.

    You can run the software memtest86+ to check your memory. This software takes a long time and should generally be run overnight. It comes in the form of a bootable CD(ISO in the .zip file format). You burn this image with your favorite cd burning software(burn the image, not just burn the iso file itself to a CD)

    Keep an eye on it and see if its always that error. This is no different then the system restarting, just allows you to see its an error with/in windows(hardware errors crash windows as well) and not a computer restarting for some other reason.

    Did you manage to clean your cpu heatsink if its full of dust?
  49. Hi nukemaster,

    Followed your above link and came to the webpage that shows the following:

    ** Memtest86+ V4.00 (22/09/2009) **

    Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.gz)
    Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)
    Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.gz)
    Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.zip)
    Download - Pre-Compiled EXE file for USB Key (Pure DOS)
    Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)

    :sweat: Er...Which one should i be downloading?

    Have yet to buy a can of compressed air so haven't clean up my cpu yet, will get it done over the weekend :p

    Oh, another thing i forgot to ask previously. The below error msg has been popping up for months everytime I start up my computer.

    "Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\cpmrotate.dll"

    Anything I should do or take note of regarding this?

    Thanks! :D
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