Cathodes or fans on 3.3v+ or 5v+?

I want to put a cathode behind my new LCD to accent it, but it's too bright on 12v+, and I know you can put fans on 12v+ and 5v+, but what about 3.3v+ and with cathodes??
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  1. No dice on 3.3v, its too low.
  2. some fans will do 3.3(My Zalman cnps 7000alcu start on 2.6volts.

    The cathodes will try to draw as much current as it can(this is what happens when a ballast gets lower voltage. its bad for it) get and most likely just kill the ballast(little box the power goes into first). If it does manage to light it will not be any dimmer....

    This is the same as a fluorescence light. they normally do not dim either...

    You may be able to use some kind of diffuser to dim(by blocking) the light....Try some kind if white semi translucent plastic(like a plastic lid from a container) and see if that dampens the light enough to make it more acceptable...
  3. Cool ok thanks I will just use 12v+ for now.
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