Motherboard OC from Windows? is there an app?

Ok, so here is my dumb questions. I have an Asus x975 motherboard. I have a rock solid stable Oc of 3.2 on my CPU, however I must OC from the BIOS settings. Which I realize is the most stable way to do this, and maybe the only way. I know Nvidia has Ntune, but what about intel or maybe someone created a utility. Anyways, I keep my PC on all day and it just sits there sucking power as I download items and remote into it from work. There is most likely a significant power loss and cost for just letting it sit there with speed step disabled all day long at 3.2GHz. However when I have it stock clocked it dips from 2.13 to 1.6 ghz to save power. Which i really like. EXCEPT when I am gaming.
I can have 2 profiles setup on my bios one stock the other OC but I have to reboot to switch them, change it and reboot. EVERY TIME I want to game. that is a pain to save a little on the electric bill. Is there a utility out there that allows you to change these settings from windows on intel boards, specifically x975 chipsets?
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  1. I think the Intel Desktop Control Center would be what you're looking for Jay!
  2. ^
    I will try this tonight. It lists Intel brand boards, do you think it will work with an Asus board using an intel chipset? Asus has an AI Booster thing that will overclock a small amount but nothing like I need.
  3. I would think so, but I just did some checking and you may want to try Asus's AI Booster.

    Here is the link to the file:

    And also the link to the download page for your board so you know the above link isn't some weird anime donkeyshow malware download. ;)
  4. The Booster doesnt let you manually change voltages. I tried.
  5. ASUS AI Booster is what you want. It does exactly this and can allow you to save settings to different profiles or needs. However, I'm not sure if you go from stock to 1.0ghz OC that you wouldn't have to reboot. I know you can up the FSB 1-2 notches at a time with this, but 3-4+ makes you boot. ...I played around with it a couple times to see what it did...I just liked OC from the BIOS, but that's me.
  6. Volts and, pretty sure you aren't able to change those. Sorry, I 'mis-remembered' that part.
  7. Lord Gornak said:
    I think the Intel Desktop Control Center would be what you're looking for Jay!

    It looks like that may only work with Intel brand boards (ie., not Asus, DFI, etc.)
  8. Yeah. I like my OC and guess ill just reboot to play games if I have to but that is a pain in the butt.
  9. I highly recommend against doing any CPU/Motherboard/ RAM OCing via any Windows based utility. Also SpeedStep will run the CPU at full speed when you are gaming. Imo, the powersaving from SpeedStep is very negligible. You might save ~$5-10 (probably lower) on a 24/7 PC a year using SpeedStep.
  10. However going from a stock clock (2.13ghz) to an OC of 3.2 GHz and taking the CPU core voltage from auto to 1.4125v might suck quite a bit more power.

    Really if I don't even have speedstep on just the temp from the stock clock to 3.2 is quite a bit of a difference. I pretty much translate heat into wasted energy as well.
  11. ^Wasted energy is true, BUT imo, running unstable (many Windows based OCing utilities such as AI Booster, are quite notorious for BSODs) is not worth the power/energy saving.
  12. BSODs?
  13. jay2tall said:

  14. halcyon said:

    oh yeah duh!
  15. You know, when the screen turns all blue when your system goes wrong somehow.

    EDIT: Oh nvm...
  16. ^
    Yeah yeah I know, All these acronyms drive me nuts. Haha. I'm ok with indistry standard acronyms but not forum, I dont feel like typing the whole dang thing, acronyms.

    Anyways, I tried out the intel one and it wouldn't install as it states I don't have an intel mobo, figures. Second I tried the AI Booster and it sucks. It forces a reboot and works off of the AI N.O.S. (cause anything with NOS in it means FAST, stupid fast and the furious crap). I believ the NOS profiles worked on the fly but any manual change required a reboot and all it did was change the Bios anyways, and it didnt even do that correctly. I may as well stick with rebooting and loading the profiles if I want to game.

    Another reason is my PSU seems to get much warmer when its OC'ed than when it is idle with speedboost throttled down. My room is the hottest in the appartment so I dont need any extra heat.
  17. Make sure you know the location and how to use your bios reset jumper on you MB before you fool around with programs that augment your bios from windows.
  18. Oh don't worry about that. I'm pretty IT savy. My motherboard actually has the BIOS stored in 2 locations and if it won't boot it automatically faults over to the backup. And yes it is actually a little button i think.
  19. Heh... You probably know more than I do about it then.

    Good luck. ;)
  20. I was just trying to find out if there isn't something I didn't know. I mean you can OC a video card great from software in windows. However Mobo not so much.
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