NEED HELP, CPU/ GPU BOUND!!! need benchmark links

This isn't really that important but I'm just really tired right now so I was wondering if someone can post the link to the site where it did cpu comparisons.

They used I think like semprons 3200 or something with 8800gts,/gtx.

They were showing that you can still game even with a weak celeron or sempron by turning up the resolution leaving work for the gpu.

Now, I want to check it out again because I'm thinking about getting a 8800gt or a 3870 so I would like to see how it may perform with my weak Celeron 3.0ghz.

I'm just to tired right now to search all day, if someone can get me it, I will crown the king of net. :lol:

thanks, good night, or morning
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  1. Anyone please?

    Can anyone find me the links, I've searched and I can't find them.
  2. Did you mean the 'budget gamer's special"?:

    Remember thoguh, this test was using an Athlon X2 3800+/8800 GTS vs. a Core2 duo E6600/8800 GTS.

    The Athlon X2's might be cheap, but they're a dual core CPU with a decent sized cache.
    A sempron will be a single core, and have a much smaller cache to boot. might not get the same results you're looking for. I'd be hesitant to pair an 8800-calss card with anything less than a full Athlon64 at least...
  3. No, some other site had benchmarks with single cores but with 8800gts/gtx.

    Thanks for helping thought cleeve.
  4. I have just put an Asus 8800GT (still stock speeds until I get some temp readings to work by >_< - the new cooler design ones give out no temp readings currently and no fix know from Asus yet...) in my system replacing the X1800XL @ 567/630

    my Opteron is equivilent to a AMD 64 4000+ (single core)

    Some B4 and afters:

    UT3 Demo avg play readings (Fraps):

    X1800XL - 1280*1024 (detail settings 4,2 in setup) = 28fps
    8800GT - 1600*1200 (5,5) = 50fps
    8800GT in lower settings also 50fps

    Crysis avg FRAPS:
    X1800XL - 1024*768 - all Medium settings - no AA - 14fps --- NOTE missing display of pretty much everything cept terrain and water LOL
    8800GT - 1280*1024 - all High settings - 2x AA - 30fps

    CS:S Avg FRAPS
    X1800XL - 1280*1024 - all high settings - 45fps
    8800GT - 1600*1200 - all high settings - 16x AA - 45fps
    8800GT - 1280*1024 - all high settings - 50fps

    X1800XL - 5996
    8800GT - 29567

    X1800XL - 6370
    8800GT - 11460

    X1800XL - 2842
    8800GT - 6243

    Am really pleased with this upgrade - show how much my CPU is holding me back though!!!!

    am upgrading to a good deal on the Q6600 / P35 in Jan / Feb or maybe the new chip if its much better or a good deal ^^

    for Crysis, have you ever tried 1600x1200 without AA though? Any playable settings with 1600x1200 as thats what I want to game on.

    Thanks again Pailin.
  6. good results but the css benchmark is more cpu bound and you see that the cpu gets more of a bottleneck for you fps.. at least i get more then 45fps in css eith my 8600gt
  7. a few more for you :)

    Crysis all High settings

    knocking down 1st one by 3 fps (more accurate)

    1280*1024 2x AA - 27fps
    1280*1024 4x AA - 27fps
    1280*1024 8x AA - 1fps lol

    1600*1200 - 23fps
    1600*1200 2x AA - 10fps

    that 1600*1200 23fps isn't too playable, sometimes dropping to 12ish...

    the 1280*1024 27fps are really quite playable dropping to 17ish now and then

    both sometimes up to 35ish

    It does look Great at 1600*1200 though
    maybe with some tweaking I can make it playable - all settings just stuck on high atm as short on time

    May put some tweaked settings up in the next day or 2 ;)
  8. lol. thanks Pailin, you've been really helpfull.

    I'm probably going to wait for the 3870x2 or whatever new card ati is bringing out or Nvidia's card.
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