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I recently purchased a 3-license version of Office 2010 Home and Student. One license is installed on a new desktop computer. The Office 2010 came with an offer to upgrade to Office 2013 free of cost.

If I redeem this offer and upgrade the desktop to Office 2013, what happens to the other 2 install licenses of Office Home & Student? Will I lose just 1 license or all 3 licenses?

Thank you for your replies.
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    I think it's the same type deal as upgrading Windows. You will still have your 2 2010's and 1 2013. Now perhaps you can upgrade all 3, that would be nice.
  2. If the upgrade offer was free of cost, check the duration on it, e.g. "must be used by..." but I agree with Stick; you shouldn't forfeit unused Office 2010 licenses just because you upgraded one of them.
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