8800GTS SLI with both G80 and G92?

A quick question and a pretty stupid one I guess. Bear with me since I'm not much of a tech enthusiast.

I was wondering if it's possible to SLI an 8800GTS G80 with an 8800GTS G92. And if it is, is it practical at all? I don't think it sounds like it is possible but it's kind of misleading seeing how both of the graphic cards have the same name after all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. great question...anyone have an answer?
  2. Honestly I had the same question, but felt it was too dumb to ask. I highly doubt it since the GPUs are different and different amounts of RAM (I think the RAM difference is NVidia's out for using the same name but w/o SLI compatability). It would be awsome though for those of us who spent $400+ dollars for a GTS only to have a GT and another GTS version surpass us.
  3. I'm not a tech or anything but from what I know.
    I doubt very much,can almost say noway.
    Yes they have the same name but are different models/hardware.
  4. I have not tested it, but I'd so no way that would work. Different GPU's. From what I have read, people can't even get a 320MB GTS and 640MB GTS (both G80) to work together in SLI.
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