ASUS Ai Charger issue

Hi, I own a asus maximus iv extreme z, and recently installed Asus Ai charger, but the issue is after I installed it and restarted, it does not charge faster, rather the same speed as before, when I look on the taskbar of the Ai charger icon there is a red cross on it. I recon that means its not functional?
does any one know how to resolve this issue?
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  1. Have you enabled the faster charge setting (sorry can't remember what it is called) in the bios?
  2. I think it is enabled, when I plug in my iPad to the computer and run AiCharger it starts working but stops when I unplug and doesn't work for my SGSII.
  3. AiCharger I have issues using in window 8 seams to lock up computer. I just uninstalled program and use a hub now
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