Router... but which one?

Posted this in the wireless section thought I would post here as well to try and get a response

Have just moved house with friends and we have installed cable internet. The cable connection is downsatirs and I have my second box connected to it. It has become sort of the communal computer that everyone is using to get on the net. My bed room is upstairs and my main computer is in this room and there is another computer downstairs.

I was looking at getting a wireless 802.11g router with built in 4 port switch so I dont have to run cables to my bedroom and so the computer downstairs and anyone else that comes around can just connect via a standard 10/100 nic.

My main concern is range, the cable internet connection is right next to the stairs so it is no problem to position the router at the top of the stairs. From their it is about 10m to my computer and there are 2 walls.
I am looking at the WGR614 from netgear, DI614+ from Dlink, MN54G4R from minitar or the WRT54G from linksys. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these routers and there wirless signal strength, stability and speeds. THNX

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  1. I have great experience with D-link router. I have the 802.11b version have been using it for about a year and never have any problem.
  2. What sort of range do you get with your dlink???

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  3. with most dlinks you get about 50 meters max.

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  4. The DLink or LinkSys should have no problem with the range or the floors/walls, as long as they are not lead lined. :smile:

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