continuous BIOS beep when booting

Have just finished new PC build. Have been running the PC for approx 6 hrs (just in BIOS) checking temperatures. Everthing was good, all working, temperatures ok. Have run it a few times on different days and good everytime. Today however I turn it on planning to install windows and the internal speaker gave it's usual single Bios beep. But this time it was quickly followed by a continuous high pitched beep that doesn't stop.

I have taken out RAM + tried different combinations with it.
Removed grahics card, still no change.

even with this speaker noise the PC boots with correct post screen and reached Bios.

Any ideas much appriciated.

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  1. First, you should post your system specs, including PSU wattage...

    Second, take it to bone stock...

    motherboard, cpu, ram... boot it... record results

    motherboard, cpu, ram, video card... boot it... record results

    motherboard, cpu, ram, video card, hard drive... boot it... record results

    if all the above check out, then start adding your PCI cards...

    post your conclusion here
  2. PC Spec:-

    Case = Antec 900
    Motherboard = GA-P35-DS3R
    CPU = Q6600 with Freezer Pro 7 cooler
    RAM = 2GB Ram 667MHZ (Kingston)
    PSU = 620W Corsair
    GPU = 320MB Geforce 8800 GTS superclocked
    Harddrive = two Wester Digital SATA2 250GB (WD250AAKS)
    DVD = two Samsung SH-S203B DVDRW

    Test Results:

    Motherboard + CPU + RAM = 1 short beep then 2 short (closer together), then continuous
    Motherboard + CPU + RAM + Video Card = 2 short (different tones) then continuous
    Motherboard + CPU + RAM + Video Card + Hard Drive = Continuous interupted by 1 short then continuous again
  3. first try removing one module of ram and try to boot your compueter if that doessn't work remove it and try from the other one
  4. have tried all combinations of RAM & slots. Still get similar error codes.

    I just don't get it. If there was a serious problem why do I get a post screen and can enter Bios?
  5. Have you looked up the meaning of your beep codes? If not, you're wasting your time (and ours) posting here.
  6. yes I have.

    It could be many things (RAM, PSU Motherboard etc). As seen in previous post I have stripped it to the basics and still have a problem. Yet the system still boots to BIOS and displays.
  7. I had a similar beep problem with MB GA-P35-DS3L (Bios Ver. F6; CPU: Q6600). I disabled " CPU smart fan control" in BIOS and it worked. It may help you hopefully
  8. Well that seems to work. The continuous tone is still there at startup but disapears after the first post beep. Its a little annoying though, as the fan now runs at maximum all the time. "Auto" is even the default and that causes the problem too. Strange that it was ok when I first changed the settings.
  9. if there's ANY jumpers on that board, verify them against the manual for the RAM and CPU... i'd look for voltage or FSB jumpers...

    check the CMOS battery and try a different stick of ram, or load up memtest86+ and see if your ram fails

    sorry for the delay, tom's isn't notifying me of forum updates :(
  10. Hien had it right I think; my -DS2R gave a fan alarm too until I went in and adjusted the settings.
  11. there shouldn't be a continuous beep prior to the POST beep... do you have that issue, jtt?
  12. Try:
    CPU fan fail warning - DISABLED
    You can leave fan control options on AUTO.
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