Q6600 W/ Zalman 9700 NT temps

Just purchased a Q6600
im using it in a cooler master Stacker 830 but a modified version from pcperformance with a side window and 2 120mm fans on the side pannel ........

MB is a Maximus extreme

Ram= DDR3 Dominator 1800 Mhz

My temps at idel is 41-42c in idle is this normal........ just build a computer using 6850 in a cosmos with stock heatsink and it idles at 32c
anyone have any suggestions on what could be making it run hotter

(not oced) Yet lol want to fix the heat issue first
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  1. yes

    you can expect around 57-62 at full load and with 24 hours upto 65-67 depending on the case and cooling
  2. Well i figured out y it was a little hotter.... after looking at the bios i had enabled XMP wich i though only effect the memory but it also oced my cpu to 2.7..... for a new cpu is this in the first week 2 oc.... also there is a option were it runs down the voltage of the cpu during light loads to like 1.4 is this going to slow down my pc beauce it has to calculate what im doing and keeps adjusting voltages? thanls for the info on the temps thiough
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