New Power Supply and PC will not boot?

I have a Asus P5W DH Deluxe homebuilt. I had a 550W Antec power supply along with my P180 Case.

While my computer was off, I returned home and could smell electrical burning. I traced it to my computer. It would not power on. I took it apart and it was the power supply. You could smell the power supply......nasty smell.

I installed a new power supply and put things back together but the computer would not start. The power supply works, you can hear all the fans running but it will not post to the bios?

I took it back apart, pulled the onboard battery and reset the bios. Put everything back together, same thing..................just sits there with all the fans running full speed but will not post

Any idea what i should be looking for? I really can not afford to start throwing new parts at it

Thanks for any help. And thanks for this laptop I am using

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  1. Do elimination - put together the barebone on a cardboard with mobo, cpu, ram & gpu, nothing else, power it up. Listen to beep codes.
  2. If a power supply gives out, there is a chance it can take some hardware with it (one of the reasons cheap power supplies are a big no no). Try to run everything with just the bare minimum, if nothing works, try to borrow a compatible motherboard from a friend. Test with minimal components, 1 stick of ram, 1 hard drive, video card, etc. You'll have to go through a process of elimination to find out if your parts are indeed dead.

    Curious though, what model power supply did you have? I know antec, but which? Antec aren't that bad of a PSU at all..but curious which one you had.
  3. It was a 550W true power 2.0
  4. Ooophh... I hate that smell.. :lol:

    Only advice I have, is to pull out the RAM, look at the leads for any scorch burnt marks. Same with all PCI cards you have installed, and check all the plugs on your MB, and components. Might be easier to look at the plugs on the PSU that blew up for any indication where the power surge/spike when through... should be easy to spot melted plastic.

    If you find any burnt stuff, I'd just basically start all over and build a new system, with parts that still work with the old. (CD/DVD Rom, HD, anything was was not burnt)
  5. Looked at all the cables and connectors. They all look fine so I took the powersupply apart and you could see on the bottom of the circuit board where there was a meltdown. I have a small pic of it but do not know how to post pics on this forum. Sorry.
  6. You can get an account, like from photobucket. Basically upload it there, and use:


    Or in other words, put your URL in the img brackets. If you know if your service provider gives you webspace, you could just upload it there, and place your link with the img tags as well.
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