Need help recovering lost partition (on a 1TB WD external HD)

The problem I'm having is the main partition on my WD HD is missing (or unrecognizable) and I know that the data is still there because I haven't written anything to it. Is there anyway for me to recover it and access the data?

This is a screenshot of the HD in disk management

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  1. The problem may be just a corrupt partition table. You can trying running the command prompt - cmd and running L: chkdsk /r/f with those following syntax. If that does not work try using a third party. If you still can not get it working correct, use Runtime's GetDataBack - Good luck.
  2. or you could try testdisk to restore the mbr and partition info sounds like it was just fdisk'd without the format testdisk acts like a unfdisk and is able to rewrite what was lost.
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