Brand New System! Need Help w/ Partition!

Hey, just built a brand new computer.. intel Q6600, 500gig hdd, 2gig Corsair Dominator, 8800gt card. It's beautiful lol.

I need to partition the harddrive. But heres the problem... it is OEM (no software), as well as Windows Vista Home Basic OEM, which means my OS doesn't come with partitioning abilities.

I have no floppy.. which means I can't do 'fdisk' in DOS.

What can I do???
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  1. Are you sure? Have you tried? Insert Vista disk, boot it up, there's an advanced button so click it, & manually partition your harddisk. The utility is hidden in Vista install.

    If you want, you can go to your harddisk manufacturer site & get a program onto floppy/cd (best), boot it up. Some of them call it "prepare your harddisk for windows..."
  2. Try running the GParted live CD found here:

    Burn it to a disk using InfraRecorder:

    Boot to the CD, and partition to your fancy.
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