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Blu-Ray DvD Playback in W7

Hello! I am a slightly veteran'd PC user who's brain is definitely prodded by the fact that I cannot playback BR-DVD's anymore in my W7 setup. I have made no changes to my system which used to be able to play these DVD's except a re-install which has seemingly made it impossible for my computer to recognize the format of the movies. I have heard of software options to make this a possible feat aside from Windows Media Player but the only ones I have come across are expensive and I really would like to not spend any money on this if possible considering I have Blu-Ray movies and a Blu-Ray optical drive. Any feedback or explanation of why this is occurring would be much appreciated. I am up to constructive lectures if I can learn something from it :D

Thanks bunches! Hope everyone is having a good day!
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  1. You need to buy bluray player software to playback the movies.
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  3. Thank you very much :D. I gave it a try and so far I'm liking it!
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  5. Your Welcome!
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