HD 3870 X 2

I know that until the HD 3870 x 2 comes out it will be hard to tell what kind of prefomance it will have but I wounder
how much better it would be compared to 2 3870s in crossfire what do think?
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  1. I would reckon it'll be a little faster than crossfired pair because it's all on the same board.

    Two 3870's are around 180%
    Reckon 3870 x2 will be about 185-190% aslong as they don't share anything.
  2. it should be more or less the same. The big interest is in putting 2 of them together and see if thats more effective than tri-sli, which seems a bit half-baked right now. By the time AMD feel ready to field 3870x2, tri-sli might have matured quite alot. But then again its only for the wealthy. i should think the 3870x2 will perform like regular crossfired 3870's, much the same as the nvidia gx2 performed like 2 slower clocked 7900gtxs in sli.
  3. I cant find any info on memory or specs of any kind all I know is that it is
    a 3870x2 anyone have any links with info.
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