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So the dvd/cd-rom shows up in device manager without a yellow !, I put in cd's and dvd's. Sometimes it will auto popup and the drive window will be blank. Sometimes it does say the name of the disc put in the drive.

I have tried the following:

- uninstalled the drive
- switched out the cable (with a known working one)
- switched out the drive (with a known working one)
- only one ide on the motherboard for me to test with
- scanned for spyware (currently doing virus scans)
- messed around with upper and lower filters
- removed dvd/cd burning software and re-installed

OS - Windows XP Pro

any other suggestions?
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  1. Have you checked the jumpers on the drive?
    Since only one IDE dirve should be set to slave
    Also the correct order delete the software, reboot, delete drive in device manager, reboot and XP should pick up the drive by itself.
    I have had problems before with Nero that when I deleted it I couldnt access the drive so I had to delete the drive and let windows find it again.
    Then try to read a disk without any other software.
    Xp sees cd and cd write nativly and shouldnt need any other sofware.
    If not the trouble is somewhere else but at least you know it isnt software related.
    As for reading DVDs the NLite codec pack works real well to watch DVDs
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