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Ok, so I have an e2160 that I over clocked to 3.35Ghz and it has been stable for around 2-3months. I went through many stress tests and monitored my temps closely and my load CPU temp maxed at around 47-50c with Prime95.

Now here comes my problem.. I never really payed close attention to my Core temperatures (cpu 0 and cpu 1) because they were always lower than my CPU temp (around 5c or so lower). But recently I ended up reinstalling XP and dual booting Vista 64 and my temperature monitors are reading around 47c for the CPU temperature but 65c+ for each core!

Now it has been around a month or so between the last time I checked my temps, and since I've installed my new operating systems, so I am unsure if it has anything to do with that.. but I am concerned because 65c seems a bit high.

I tried re-seating my heatsink (Tuniq Tower 120) and reapplying Arctic Silver 5, I even lapped my processor (I was planning on it anyway) and my temps didn't change much at all.. still in the same ranges of 47c for the CPU and 65c for each core.

Is it normal for the Core temps to be higher? Is 65c dangerously high? even if the CPU temp only says 47c?

I have used SpeedFan, Hwmonitor, coretemp and they all come up with the same readings.. my CPU Idles at around 25-30c and I even verified it in my BIOS, so I know the CPU temps are right.. I am just unsure of the Core temps.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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  1. Ok I tried an older version of speed fan and it seems thats where the core temperature difference came in.. in the older speed fan my core temps are almost identical to my CPU temp.

    Although, since three different programs report my core temps that high, I believe it is correct. Is 65c too high for a core temp?
  2. 65 c isnt to hot, its just right. Though the chip can take more, most people agree that 65c is a good temp for a max core while OC'd and tested with Prime or Orthos.

    I personally go higher, because you'll never see the temps that are that high in real life. It takes alot of stuff going on in yer comp to get 100% frequency and drain!

    So looks like you are doing good. And remember, your core temps can never go lower than the tcase temp. (I guess in extra ordinary cooling systems its possible to equal it, got me!)

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