Online videos load extremely slow (firefox 18)

I have high speed cable internet and a gaming PC I built (Gigabyte Z77Xud3H; Gigabyte GTX 660; i5-3570K; 250gb Velociraptor @ 10000rpm; 2x4 GB ram).

I use Firefox 18.

But when I want to watch any type of video on any website (youtube, vimeo, IMDB, or any website what so ever that has videos), the videos take long to load, or I get the looping circle thing going round without the video loading.

I usually go to settings on the video it self and set local storage to "unlimited". All my drivers are updated.
I checked with my internet provider and they tested my speed and connection and it is exactly as advertised. I tested it with too.

So I can't find out why in the world videos take long to load. Any ideas?
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    Make sure you have enough RAM to load the entire content of the video. Your bandwidth could be affected by your neighbour(s).

    With some ISPs, they also throttle your connection, once you've downloaded above a certain limit in a month.
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