Okay, I have hughes net(cable) whatever. My daughter lives right next door to me,(less than 100 yards) We have bought and hooked up a router, access point, signal expander & a wireless USB 2.0 adapter. She still can't get online with her laptop. What do
I need to do? I'm pulling my hair out!!!!!!
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  1. Though detailed, your post is ambiguous.

    I'm guessing that you wish to share your internet connection with your daughter via wireless.

    I think 100 yards is beyond the actual range of most domestic wireless routers other than with clear line of sight reception and without interference. Regardless of the makers' claims the rule, as I recall, is 50 feet or thru three walls.

    The fact that you've added some sort of booster might help -- and there are solutions using hi-gain (i.e. unidirectional) antennas.

    Of course even with perfect reception there remain questions about whether you have disabled wireless security while setting up, whether you have tried various channels (the different frequencies these represent may affect reception in different environments), whether you have detected neighbouring wifi networks and selected a channel 5 stops from the strongest.
  2. hmmm i would put the signal expander in the window, get her outside the window with a laptop and make her walk slowly away surfing the net, when the link breaks you can then see how far the signal reaches, then move the signal expander around to see if you can get any more distance out of it.

    is it possible to run either a power cable (powerline adaptors) or an ethernet cable between the two buildings?
  3. Also try a different wireless channel. One or eleven is preferred.
    My neighbors cordless phone influenced my channel choice.

    I used NetStumbler for years to check for problems, but it doesn't work with Vista or Windows 7.

    At work we install these for our customers.
  4. if you want it done right i would puchase a 2 inexpensive bridges and she will have exceptional coverage like if she was in your house next to the wireless router. Will cost you about $200
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