Can't find any good buys for apg cards!

I'm stuck with AGP for the time being. A system overhaul is NOT in my future for a couple of years.

I need a good AGP card but can't seem to find any for anywhere near the prices Toms lists on its monthly best cards for the money articles. I had a x800 pro but for reasons I won't get into I'm now stuck with a hobbled 9800 pro (no 3d functionality at all) untill I get something else. I've been really out of the loop and have been reading up on things in just the last couple of days but it's alot to take in. I could settle for a x1650 pro but would like to go a bit higher if possible but can't find any higher model cards that don't seem like the seller is ripping me off. I'm also not to familiar with the Nvidia cards. My upper limit is about 200. What would be supremely helpful to me is recommendations along with LINKS.

Thanks for any help.

specs -

K8N Neo 2 ultra Nforce 3 MB
Athlon 64 3000+
1.5 GB ram

edit - this seems to be the only reasonable thing I've seen

there's a HD 2600pro at newegg for 93 but according to reviews it's got terrible driver issues? That's all I've been able to find :(
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  1. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, TigerDirect has a 7600GT for $120 after rebate($130 before) and also a 7900GS for $150 after rebated($179 before). As for performance, the 7900GS will be below the X1950Pro, but above the 7600GT. You can refer to the Tom's Hardware VGA charts to see how they performs in games.

    The links for the cards are:

    and for the 7600GT:
  2. Very helpful thank you. I forgot to mention that I likely won't be gaming at resolutions any higher than 1280x1024.
  3. If 1280x1024 is the highest, I'd go radeon 2600 XT. Notably faster than the 7600 GT, and cheaper at $112:
  4. Yes I saw that and the pro at newegg. But according to the testimonials it has really bad driver issues?
  5. Do not put too much credibility behind reviews from Newegg customers. I read through them as a guide and find it amazing sometimes that it works great for some people and bad for others. (maybe somebody is doing something wrong)
  6. Some folks have said the AGP cards are only supported in certain driver revisions, and that the modified omega drivers work with AGP cards... this is definitely something I want to test out personally in a review.
  7. OK here's an update. I just went and purchased a Gateway FPD2185w LCD 21". Since I'll now be gaming at a higher res (native res 1680x1050) this has changed my card priorities a bit. Of course I'd like the card to be powerful but of course I'm limited by agp and budget.

    I've settled on either the 7900 gs 256 MB for 150 or the x1950 pro 512MB for 200. I'm leaning toward the radeon because of extra ram and horsepower but wanted to check here before purchasing. Is it worth the extra $50? I don't plan on running anti-aliasing any higher than 2X and 4X Anisotropic.

    you all rock
  8. Sorry If I reply with no relation to your topic but ireally nid help asap....

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    12-21-2007 at 04:12:51 AM actions :
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    I really nid help I want to buy a video card but I don't know what is the best card for my motherboard.....
    My motherboard is Asrock ALIVENF6G-VSTA with DDR2 800 memory..... I do not know if DDR3 Video cards like Geforce8800GT, 8600GT, ATI 2600XT can work with my motherboard?..... GUYZ PLS HELP me.....

    If DDR3 Video card cannot work with my motherboard "hopefully not"...can anyone pls help me figure out what is the best video card that I can use whithout replacing my pls.....pls.........
  9. oh wait I just found a x1950 pro for 130.00 lol

    Only diff is it's the 256 MB version. I'm thinking I'll go with this. Thoughts?

    best buy, ever, period.

    that will cream any AGP card and for that insane price... how are you still resisting?
  11. X1950Pro is the 3rd most powerful AGP card made for gaming. It falls behind the 7950GT(very hard to find and expensive and the AGP version made by one company) and the X1950XT(same issues as 7950GT AGP).
  12. Hehe I'm a cautious shopper. Will 256MB of ram be enough at 1680x1050? I've got my finger on the buy button here...

    btw - My power supply is an Enermax 350 watt. I'll need a new one correct?
  13. Most likely, but i think 256MB will be enough usually 512mb is need for beyond 1600-XXXX
  14. excellent, done

    Just one question kind of noobish. It has two DVI outs. Can I hook my LCD to one and with a DVI to vga cable keep my old CRT hooked up and alternate between them? I ask because I don't want some of my older games stretched out. Or can widescreen LCDs put black bars up on the sides or the like?
  15. So what's the difference between these 2 :

    The cheaper one looks faster, and it's under $100! No wonder it's not in stock...
  16. Ones in stock and the other isnt :P

    I you should be able to hook up either monitor however i dont think if you use the LCD one it will "stretch" your old games..
  17. Holy crap. I must have gotten the very last one!

    edit - oh that's the 512 version. My God that price after rebate is insane.
  18. Already those 2 X1950 Pro cards have been deactivated from Newegg. I can't see to catch a break on them!
  19. FYI, the Radeon 3850 is on the way to AGP... will probably cost $220 or so when it gets here.
  20. Yeah, but define "when". The only thing I've seen is an article on "" and lots of forum postings citing that article as gospel. I'm not saying the card won't be here (or be here soon), just wondering if "on the way" means "Merry Christmas, AGPers" or "Happy St. Patrick's Day, AGPers"

  21. i think if i were the OP, i'd settle for the 7900GS. it's not a bad card, and if the 3850 makes its way to AGP, having only spent $150 on the 7900GS will take the sting off :-D as opposed to paying $200 for the X1950Pro (a damn good card), and seeing something $20 more expensive come out that slaps your new card.

    btw, lesane17 think twice before you try to hijack a thread. not cool. open your own thread. and don't go quoting a bunch of crap you randomly copied and pasted. annoying. don't apologize. go open your own thread.
  22. The 7900GS is hurting bad in many new games. It is like half the performance of the X1950 pro in games like UT3, COD4, Crysis, Oblivion. Also without fsaa the HD2600XT is easily beating it in those games.

    Great price on the ice Q X1950 pro for $130's. I would have taken that one too. Otherwise when they are gone, the $112 HD2600XT gets my vote.
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