Trying 3Ghz Q6600 on the Asus striker extreme

Hi, this is the first manual overclocking I have done and I know the basics of it such as raise the fsb and the vcore when it wont boot and try raising the other voltages if you hit a wall and this brings me toy my other questions.

I have got to 2.81Ghz stable, I could not get past 2.70Ghz without raising the other voltages (nb sb vtt so forth) here is a picture:

( I also only ran prime for a hour, I needed to go to bed)

I can't get to 3Ghz it simply wont boot and my other question is how much should I raise the nb,sb,vtt and memory voltages what is the limit that you should stay away from?

Also I put the vCore at 1.3V and it is not showing that in windows it is showing 1.264 or in cpu-z (I know dont trust cpu-z) 1.84. is this normal?

Any help is greatly welcomed if you have any sugestions on what fsb or voltages tell me and I will be more than glad to try them out.

Asus Striker Extreme
ABS BZ900 'Piperock' modular
ZEROtherm BTF90 92mm cooler
4x 1gb Corsair Dominator (2x of the TWIN2X2048-6400C4D 4 sticks total)
2x eVGA 8800GTS's in Sli
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
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  1. First off, you have a 680i chipset. They are Renown for not clocking high with q6x00s. 2.85 or so is good, lol!

    I take it you dont even post? That's what happens. You'll have to wander over the chart to find a FSB combination that it likes.

    CPUz is telling the truth. Thats your real time VCore Voltage. Voltage for your processor is found like this!

    Bios VCore! Example 1.3000 Like your VID.
    Then VDrop applies. So in windows it will be 1.264
    Then VDroop applies when your run Prime 95 on all the cores. It will go down to 1.225.

    So its Bios VCore, Minus Intel spec VDrop, Minus intel spec VDroop, (which seems to vary board to board, lol!) And that equals LOADED VCore.

    The only recommendation I can make is set the Bios VCore to 1.4500 and the CPU Multiplier to x 9 and start at like 315 FSB. The FSB Voltage should be fine at that low FSB. (315 x 9 = 2835 processor speed.) Thats close to where you are now.

    Then just go up in FSB points by 5 or so until it posts! It may not boot, but we want it to post. Once you are near a value that lets ya post, shifting the FSB by one or two points a direction may help stabilize it.

    A VID 1.3000 like yours should get to 3.2 on 1.3750 Loaded or less!

    Once you get it working, the goal then will be to lower the VCore to its minimum voltage, and still pass prime 95s small ffts for 8 hours or more! So if all is well when you manage to get into windows, you can later just lower the VCore a notch or two, test for an hour, then lower it again, until it fails at near 1 hour, then up the VCore a single notch and test for 8 hours!

    You may wanna sync the RAM to the FSB, and leave it at spd'd timings until you get the CPU stable.
  2. I had a Q6600 overclocked to 3.2 on a P35 chipset once, wanted to go SLI so i bought a striker extreme motherboard, I couldn't get the processor much past stock at all without having instability issues. The 680i chipset is a horrible chipset for quad core CPUs and overclocking. If you can get anything over stock clock speed stabily consider yourself lucky. Oh and yes the voltage readings are weird on that motherboard except when you use the NVidia utility which is unstable at best. I returned that striker extreme and will never again buy an nvidia chipset unless intel REALLY screws up.
  3. a 680i should easily OC to 3Ghz no problem without a voltage increase or a slight one for stability.

    However, Like Lupiron mentioned it depends on the series of 680i board that you have. The early models DO NOT OC quadcores beyond 3.0Ghz very well and have a limit of 3.2Ghz. I used to have one and EVGA swaped it out for a Revision A1 in my case which would OC until the CPU cried uncle.

    You need to check the revision of your board and get on your manufacture forums if you suspect this is happening. Not booting at 3Ghz is very suspicious since its such a mild OC.
  4. yeah, thats odd. I wonder what they got wrong with the chipset? I had an 680i and sold it! Gets 2.85, lol! However, I have learned alot since then, and am gonna go to my friends place for the night anyways, so I plan on seeing if I can now get it over 2.85 and still be stable!

    Wish me luck, as I wish you 680i OCers Luck!

  5. Well, im not sure about the revision I have but what would be a good est of what voltages I would need to use to get 3Ghz
  6. If someone finds the winning combination of Q6600/Striker Extreme please post it...
    I couldnt get mine over 2.85 iether...after a few days i said F it and run at 2.7
  7. 680i is 680i. Revisions don't help much when the hardware is still the same. :p
  8. Indeed. I would stay away from Nvidia chipsets these days. That means staying away from SLI as well.
  9. grieve said:
    If someone finds the winning combination of Q6600/Striker Extreme please post it...
    I couldnt get mine over 2.85 iether...after a few days i said F it and run at 2.7

    in your sig it says your at 3Ghz, status update 2.92 and stable (tested 8 hours in prime 95)
  10. Hehe, you are now on the upper end of over clocks with that board! Yee haw!

  11. dagger said:
    680i is 680i. Revisions don't help much when the hardware is still the same. :p

    No they are not the same and a revision makes a BIG difference. And you would know because????, since I see X38 on your sig.
  12. warezme said:
    No they are not the same and a revision makes a BIG difference. And you would know because????, since I see X38 on your sig.

    Worked on friend's 680i. She was having trouble overclocking. It's horrible. Then, people often post here about 680i when they run into trouble ocing, which is often. Read up.
  13. You guys got to be kinding me, i got this on a p35 and it ran all day at 3.825ghz with a tuniq tower 120

    you should really do your home work before you ask these questions, im not knocking just simply looking at the posts. Yeah, i know its just easier to ask a question and get an answer but if you do so reading and then come with a certain question instead of general questions like how do i get a q6600 to whatever speed with this type of motherboard and ram. Here it goes:

    And i dont even know much about the mobo.

    increase your vcore to 1.45v then run your memory synced and auto

    if its pc2-6400 then run it at 400 mhz let everything else do it on its own.

    heres the key

    take off all the thermal/intel bull crap in bios by selecting "disable"

    that means ce1 & thermal control. I mean anything that has to do with intel

    plus spectrum as well.

    increase the voltage of your ram to 2.1v

    increase northbridge to 1.35v-1.55v as well

    that should do you for atleast 3.2ghz if not 3.6 with a 9x multi
  14. heres what i did on air tonight

    it will bench at 4.44ghz
  15. Waaaaahhhhh!!! And I was happy to eek out 3.8 on a q6600 1.2500 VID chip! Its been prime stable for 2 hours already!

    I do want 4.5 Ghz, but I think it would actually explode if I tried that.


    (By the way, Nice!)

  16. you will need a massive boost in voltage for the board to get to 3.2Ghz but of course cooling need to be consider before voltage and speed increase.

    tune the vcore to 1.5v and other voltage plus 3 notches from default.and try make a big jump in FSB.few Nforce mobo are known to have a thing called FSB hole which you wont be able to boot at those speed but anything over or under can.

    but i would like to stress again you must have a good air flow inside your case.
  17. If he listens to me he can get 3.2-3.6ghz easily with my suggestions, shouldnt have to go over 1.53v in the bios to do it, but Iluvgillgill is right, I have a tuniq tower, which is really good and I never got over 65c at 3.6, he should be able to do 3.420ghz with only 1.45-1.48v and stay under 70c
  18. I will try all your sugestions, and again thanks!
  19. let me know how it works out?
  20. Steeda- it did not post. and I am still tweeking it but I have got to 3.05Ghz but it freezes upon loading into the os.
  21. did you set the memory to sync then auto, the take the memory to 378mhz, put the memory voltage to 2.1v take the multiplier to 9x. What is the memory that you have in it? Maybe you have bad ram?
  22. I just took a look at your memory divider in your picture. run your memory at a 1:1 ratio or 4:5 or 8:10 ratio, your divider is one that I have never seen and doesnt make sense to me. I think I have figured it out. so keep your memory at those dividers as well and you should be fine
  23. I am running it in sync and corsair dominators.
  24. something is not right with your memory configuration, b/c you should not have 11:13 ratio, get the ratio to 1:1/4:5/8:10 and let me know how its doing?

    get a hold of me there and I will foward you some screen shots of what you should be setting it at in the next couple of days and hopefully we can figure it out by monday.
  25. Well im at 3.10 area, I am just working hard on stabalizing it sometimes it will freeze at the bios or it will freeze in windows its not the temps there a cool 29c for the cpu and 3-c for the motherboard vcore at 1.5 and nb at 1.55, I took a cpu-z screenie of it. and ideas on how to stabalize, reply please.
  26. Those ratios are quite normal for the Nvidia chipsets, steeda. I think it's best if he lock the memory at it's default settings and voltage for now before doing anything else.
  27. I agree, but i dont know why they are having problems getting to 3.4ghz, that is so easy, i wish i was sitting infront of there computer, an q6600 should be able to do it with only 1.45v

    Coolermaster GeminII FTW!

    totally stable.

    I love my striker :)
    My computer needs dusting :(
  29. Y2kratk2Y, could you post specific setting for voltages and so forth?
  30. The 680i chipsets run freaking hot. I had to ease back my 3.45ghz OC to 3.3ghz since the weather here has gotten hotter. Under full load my MB temps almost hit 70C. Now it's much cooler, rarely cracking 40C

    Before you go and push your clocks, check your mobo temps.
  31. My motherboard has never seen 40c right now its at 32c and when im at my 3.1Ghz stable'ng it its at 33c and thats at a 1.55v nb and a 1.6v sb
  32. what speed is that?those voltage seems quite excessive.
  33. They probaly are there not that high on my 2.81Ghz over clock the nb is at 1.25 and sb at 1.5 but i'm pushing my voltages trying to boot with 3.1Ghz but I can't I did once but I can't now it freezes loading vista.
  34. Dave, I would honestly sell the board on ebay and then go with a p35 motherboard, you will easily get to 3.4-3.6ghz, that way you dont have to deal with the head ache
  35. steeda i think he wants you can see in his spec. 2 x 8800GT.if he do change to P35 he will need to sell 8800GT as well thats double lost.
  36. true, i forgot about that one, thanks Iluv
  37. 2x 8800GTS's and yeah I gave up on it 2.81 is fine anyhow, in the winter when its colder I might try it again. thanks everyone.
  38. Dave, the only thing that is wrong with the picture is that the processor can do 3.4ghz so easily, I dont know why people are having such a hard time with the motherboard.
  39. steeda no doubt the CPU can do 3.6Ghz as well.but his mobo is holding him back.i think you should read his spec fully before replying.

    and notice he got a pretty high VID as well 1.3V so he will need alot of vcore to do 3.2Ghz and of course temp and the stupid vdrop on the nvidia mobo.its well known!do you not know?
  40. "Y2kratk2Y, could you post specific setting for voltages and so forth?"

    It was pretty easy to hit this speed even when I left all voltage settings on auto.
    Im using Bios rev 1303 (best bios for q6600)
    Vcore is at 1.2v (lowered for better temps and still stable)
    Memory voltage is at 2.0v
    all other voltages are on auto
    FSB 1400
    memory unlinked
    memory speed 1000 (overclocked from 800Mhz)
    timings 5-5-5-15
    left all the spread spectrum's on auto except for LDT and CPU spread spectrum (which turned themslves off when OC'ing)
    thermal monitor auto (best to leave that on so u dont fry ur chip)
    execute disable bit enabled (never turn this off, EVER!)
    virtualisation enabled (dunno what it is but i left it on anyway)
    all others disabled
    thats what i currently have it set at off the top of my head.

    cant really push it much further than that until i invest in some liquid cooling.

    I did manage to hit 3.74Ghz once on a really cold morning tho :D
  41. iluv, I know the situation and have worked with Dave on the overclock, i know the situation he is in. I forgot that he had 2 video cards so I guess he is stuck with a nvidia motherboard, I am just screaming b/c that processor will go much higher with another motherboard.
  42. i know steeda.i work with nvidia chipset they are brain chewing life decrease 1 year from every 100mhz i get out of the CPU on nvidia chipset!><
  43. Ah, so you'd be dead by tomorrow I take it? ;)
  44. yeah kinda!thats why i only spend 1 hour on it everyday for like 1 week.then i give it back!i dont wanna die when im 40 you know!lol
  45. You know, you trade those boards in for some p35/45 or x38/48 motheboards, it may make you a young man once again, LOL
  46. those are not mine.i still deciding should i build a rig at the end of the year for a cheap current gen intel.or should i wait until maybe mid next year to get a nehalem and GTX280?what do you think?
  47. I can tell you this, I have a qx9650 at 4.2ghz with 2x 3870's and it is just not worth it to wait and then go all out for next gen. I went from a q6600 with 8800gts 320mb, and i just cant see the advantage except in video encoding, my time it took me for a 700mb file to be encoded with q6600 at 3.6ghz vs my qx9650 was only 4 minutes. If it is worth it to you to wait one year and upgrade to save yourself 1-4 minutes wait, but if you dont want to wait, stay with what you have, b/c it is good now and will be in 1 year and not worth upgrading at all.
  48. thats what im thinking as well.because pretty much like graphics card such as 9600GT can do more then 30fps in most game which is smooth enough and 9800GTX etc get over 60 or even 80fps.but is that needed?i really dont think so.but of course over the course of time when new demanding games come out its performance level in game will still thinking pretty hard.

    gimme some true advise which would last me over a year.
  49. I just got my qx 9650 stable at 4.35ghz last night, its taken 2 weeks to do it at 1.55v and only 65c on load, but i have watercooling, and i dont even use my 3870's anymore for gaming, they just sit in my computer pretty much and collect dust. Your right though, i would just stick with what I have, b/c going from a q6600 to a qx9650 was pretty much not worth it although i did get a good buy sold my q6600 for 300$ and got a qx9650 for 800$
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