Need Help to Underclock 8800gtx KO3

I notice my video card is very hot, played CoD4 for 30 seconds, Alt + tabbed and it was at 78c.

Does anyone know if theres like a VERY very easy way to underclock my card, cause I have no idea what i would be doing, I need that underclocking for dummies crap lol, btw this is my setup:

Liteon DVD+RW 20X8X16 DVD-RW 20X6X16 DL 8X Lightscribe INT IDE Drive Black DVD Writer OEM

Corsair XMS2 Dominator TWIN2X2048-6400C4D 2GB 2X1GB PC6400 DDR2-800 CL 4-4-4-12 240PIN Memory

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500GB SATA2 3GB/S 7200RPM 16MB Cache NCQ Hard Drive

Thermalright ULTRA-120 Extreme 6 Heatpipe Cooler LGA775 Heatsink *Fan Not Included*

EVGA Nforce 680I SLI LGA775 Conroe ATX DDR2 2PCI-E16 2PCI SATA2 Sound GBLAN 1394 Motherboard

OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX12V 24PIN SLI Ready Active PFC ATX Power Supply 120MM Fan Black

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 64BIT DVD OEM

Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Audio 24BIT Sound Card 7.1 PCI OEM

Thermaltake VA8003BWS Black ATX Tower Case 10X5.25 2X3.5 6X3.5INT No PS 25CM Fan Window

Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA 10KRPM 16MB NCQ 5YR MFR Warranty Hard Drive

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Dual Core Processor LGA775 Conroe 2.67GHZ

Thermalright HR-03 Plus 92MM 6 Heatpipe 8800GTX VGA Cooler SLI Ready *Fan Not Included*


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  1. The easiest way is to probably open up your NVIDIA control panel, click on 'Adjust GPU Settings' under the performance tab, and you can use the 'Custom Clock Frequencies' and from there you can turn down both your Core & Memory bus. Hope that helps.
  2. Uh...78 is not that bad.
  3. I was told that once you get into the 70's it's not so good, not blowing up hot but still pretty hot, and when I do feel the card it is Very hot.

    If I were to lower it in the Adjust GPU Settings, what Should I set it at to maybe not have it in the 70's while in game playing.
  4. just try turning up the fan speed instead of underclocking it
  5. lol, my card runs in the low 90's and it seems that most nvidia cards are around your temps, but can handle into the 80's, so unless you are having problems I wouldnt worry about it.


  6. Okay good, i've set the GPU fan to 80% and it runs about 65-67 in-game now which is good.

    Is setting the fan higher gonna make it much louder or like blow it up or something lol What would happen if I set it to 100%?
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