ATX12V Connector - Mobo uses 4 pin but PSU has 8 pin

I bought a Gigabyte GA P35 DS3L which uses a 4 pin connector for ATX_12V but my PSU has a 8 pin connector. My PSU is a Silverstone 500W.

I noticed that half of the 8 pin connector will fit fine into the 4 pin on the this what I'm supposed to do? I've never had a PSU with a 8 pin ATX12V connector before.
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  1. I had the same problem on my P5B. I looked closely at the 8 pin plug and could see that it came apart in the middle. So I just used one of the connectors, you probably don't need to take it apart as long as it will plug in.
  2. Mine didn't split in half, but half of it plugged in fine and I just left the other half sticking to the side. I tested it and it passed POST and stuff (I don't have an OS on it yet).
  3. yep, thats how you are supposed to do it...
    some mobos need all 8 to power those quadcore cpus, but usually just 4 for duals
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