8800gts 320mb and 640mb compatible in sli

hi can anyone tell me i have an 8800gts 320mb and if i put in a 640mb in sli config will they run right and would there be any advantage or disadvantage to the set up

i know i should have bought the 8800 gt but i didn't
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  1. They can work in SLI just fine. The only drawback is the 640 meg cards usable memory will be reduced to 320 to match the lower card. Here is a good page with all the facts on SLI configurations.
  2. thanks good info might as well stick to the 320mb then
  3. It may be possible, but I am yet to see a case of it working. But I have seen a review site and many individuals say they could not get a 640MB and 320MB GTS to work in SLI.
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