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Hey I am currently using MSI afterburner to record gameplay footage of DCUonline and in the top left it is showing my frames at roughly 30 occasionally dipping to 27. My specs are cpu: i5 3570K 3.4ghz gpu: gtx geforce 660 ti? If anybody has any ideas on how to increase my fps that would be awesome? Perhaps my tech is a little sub par for this?
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  1. 30fps is good enough for a recording. If you're planning to upload them on youTube don't bother, because Youtube only supports a max of 30 fps.
  2. If you still need to increase the fps, you could try saving the recording to a seperate disk or partition than the Windows one (or what your game is running from), but I don't know how much of a visual difference you'll be able to make out.
  3. Yeah fps is no longer an issue im getting a solid 40 for some reason the fps counter in the top left says 30. I have another somewhat related question as well. I made roughly an 11 minute recording at 16:9 1080p, file size is 17.5gbs and in .avi format. When i try to upload it says it will take like 3000 minutes and obviously this is a little absurd.
  4. forgot to finish that question ahaha my bad. Is there anything i can do to increase upload speed without losing too much quality? Perhaps render in another format? Im using sony vegas pro 12 as my editing software btw
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    Losing quality is not an issue. It's the time that it will take. You can use any program to compress it and it will not lose quality - expect that it will take TIME to finish the job.

    Try Freemake Video Converter. Convert to MP4 or AVI. You will get a smaller file size with not much visual loss in quality.

    It will take time to compress, tho :D
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  7. Downloaded freemake video converter and tested it with a few vids. With every single one the audio is out of sync! Now i can go into sony vegas and fix this to an extent but to get the audio precise to the millisecond is hard/impossibly. Have you had any problems with freemakes video conversions being out of sync? If so how did you resolve this?
  8. No, I haven't experienced that problem before. Most of my video conversions require a program called Handbrake. I find that better for my needs. It's slightly more complicated, but you can give that a try.
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