Q6600 and motherboard question

I'm planning on building a new gameing computer this summer, and was going to hold off on getting the parts but,
came across a place in my city that has a:

Intel Quadcore 2.4ghz Q6600 for $240.00

and a

BFG Technologies BFGRINF650iU Motherboard 134.00

and was thinking of jumping on these while they were available, would these work well together, and are those good prices.

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  1. Unless you're interested in SLI, get a P35 motherboard.
  2. the q6600 is at a good price if it's retail. Make sure it's retail if you're not buying a heatsink.

    That mobo is too expensive for it's uses if you're not going SLI. Just nab a Gigabyte P35-DS3R, or a Asus P5k. If money is an issue, a P35-DS3L is a good choice, or a P5K SE.
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